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Singer Usher Belittled In Atlanta For Parking In Handicap Spot

R&B singer Usher Raymond was yelled at and belittled by a woman in Atlanta, Ga. The ‘Yeah’ singer was attending a Little Five Points Halloween Costume Parade in Atlanta, GA when a woman yelled and screamed for him to move from the handicap parking spot. Even Elvis Presley – well a man dressed as Presley – and a few other man attempted to keep the woman away from Usher.

His bodyguards must have been missing in action. The unnamed woman got close enough to pull on Usher’s hoodie. Luckily this did not turn into a brawl and Usher restrained himself. Usher reportedly left shortly thereafter.

Did we mention that Steve Jobs not only refused to put a license plate on one of his vehicles but also parked in handicap spaces! While we don’t condone taking up spaces legally designated for handicap individuals this young woman could have voiced her concerns without getting physical. What would be the story today if Usher pushed her back?? Watch the video below:

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