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The New Three Musketeers Movie In 3D(Video)

Three Musketeers Featurette

The classic story of The Three Musketeers, from the novel by Alexandre Dumas, has now been adapted in 3D for the big screen. This action-adventure film is jam-packed with stunning visual effects, exciting sword fight scenes, and a deeply woven plot line that takes the original story and adds some new twists.

The Musketeers are played by Matthew Macfadyn (Athos), Ray Stevenson (Porthos) and Luke Evans (Aramis). These humorous characters set out to retrieve a secret mission from the chambers of Leonardo da Vinci. In the process they are betrayed by the beautiful Milady, played by Milla Jovovich. The arrogant Richelieu, played by Orlando Bloom, attempts to arrest them and get King Louis XIII (Freddie Fox) to punish them, but the king is so impressed by their bravery that he can’t bring himself to do it. Battles ensue, and the Musketeers fight valiantly for the good of the country.

Although the story is based on the novel, new twists like sky ships, 3D effects, and fantastic costumes add a contemporary element to this new release.

Check out the  featurette below

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