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Halle Berry Strikes Another Blow To Gabriel Aubry's Visitation Rights

Actress Halle Berry isn’t taking any chances with her former beau Gabriel Aubry and their daughter Nahla. Despite their 5-year relationship and repeatedly gushing about how perfect the other is; the two are embroiled in a bitter custody battle. Aubry thus far is losing this battle. Within the last year Halle and Gabriel have been in and out of court fighting over child support payments and custody agreements.

In their most recent battle, Gabriel requested that his visitations with Nahla not include a required nanny. If you recall, Halle once stated that she feared for the safety of Nahla when with her father. Gabriel went into family court yesterday with high hopes but they were quickly dashed when the judge sided with Halle Berry.

According to TMZ, Gabriel is angry and feels the nanny is damaging his relationship with his daughter.

This is a sensitive topic. But I must say honestly that the news doesn’t portray Halle in the best light – in terms of fostering the best relationship with Nahla and her father. Her new beau Olivier Martinez was spotted on the beach solo with Nahla. Yet the judge seems to always side against Gabriel. So perhaps we’re missing something. What do you think?

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2 thoughts on “Halle Berry Strikes Another Blow To Gabriel Aubry's Visitation Rights

  1. Mish says:

    They weren’t alone the media just didn’t photo the nanny. Also if Nahla is always with the Nanny anyway wouldn’t you want her to have someone that is familiar especially when she’s jumping from home to home.?

  2. MIZJO says:

    I’ve never seen this much “fuss” over a celebrity’s kid. Some people come on all the sites to trash Halle and question every move she makes with her daughter. Ex-boyfriends (like Aubry) do not get “any” custody rights by law, only those that the mother “willingly” agreed to when they were getting along. After they’ve “split up” and she moves on with another man, things change. Even ex-husbands have to deal with that and adjust to it. It’s called “LIFE.” This “team Gabriel” crap is getting old. He does not have rights that are “equal” to Halle’s, and he certainly doesn’t deserve to be glorified or cried over. JUST SAYING!

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