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Jena Malone Set To Play Carson McCullers In 'Lonely Hunter'

Jena Malone set toplay the role of writer Carson McCullers in the film Lonely HunterJena Malone is set to play the role of writer Carson McCullers in the film Lonely Hunter.  Playing the writer may be a challenging role for Jena, however we believe director Deborah Kampmeier has chosen wisely. Jena has proven time and time again to be a talented actress since her debut movie role in Bastard Out of Carolina when she was only ten. Since then Jena has played in a wide variety of films, co-produced American Girl and has established herself as an A list choice for Deborah Kampmeir.

This may be her most difficult film to date as Carson McCullers led an interesting life, and despite being a talented author, battled alcoholism. However, there is little doubt Jena can pull off this character. Sarah Schulman wrote the screenplay spanning thirty years of the writer’s life and writing. Lonely Hunter, produced by Blair Breard, Abigail Disney, and Troy Johanson is set to begin production in early 2012.

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