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Bérénice Marlohe Will Be The New Bond Girl

French actress Bérénice Marlohe has been picked by Sam Mendes to be the latest Bond girl. According to sources, Marlohe met the director’s approval after acing an intensive screen-test.

This could benefit Marlohe tremendously; up to this point the actress hasn’t been in anything that has reached a wide international audience. This will also be Marlohe’s first time doing a movie in the English language.

The French actress isn’t the the only new addition to the upcoming Bond film, Britain’s Helen McCrory and Ben Whishaw have also joined the cast. Their roles aren’t clear yet, but McCrory is known for playing in the later installments of Harry Potter and Whishaw can be seen in I’m Not There and the upcoming adaptation of Cloud Atlas.

There is no official name for the film yet, but Mendes’ Bond 23, is rumored to be called Skyfall.

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