'Ides of March' Blockbuster or Lackluster?

ryan gosling - the ides of marchIt may seem that little could go wrong with a film as packed with star power as the ‘Ides of March’. Let’s not even mention that the world of politics is filled with all the drama George Clooney and Ryan Gosling can ask for. But with all the ducks lined up just as they should be – does ‘Ides of March’ deliver on it’s campaign promise or would it be better to hit the boxing ring with Hugh Jackman to catch ‘Real Steal’?

If you are into reading film critics reviews, when it comes to ‘Ides of March’ there are too many up and down and confusing reviews that never let you get a clear understanding on if the film is good or not. Without getting into the dirty politics of film critics, let’s just say the reviews are super mixed.

It’s well known that the critics don’t necessarily agree with the public so this one may require a little time to tally the votes of film goers before its truely known what direction this movie is going in.

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