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Morgan Freeman Oscar Talk: "Once you win it you're done" (Video)

Piers Morgan sat down with Morgan Freeman and discussed the actor’s divorce, success and politics.  Freeman’s comments about the Tea Party being racist was the news around the web: the actor/activist said ” They are going to do whatever it takes to get that black man out of office”.  Freeman received a mix of support and criticisms about what he said,  but  I’m pretty sure he’s not too concerned about the nay-sayers.

I noticed other gems the wise actor left behind.  With Oscar season quickly approaching, Freeman gives us an idea of his mental approach: Freeman says, ” I don’t want to win, I just want to be nominated.” Come to think about it, not many people have won multiple Oscars.  To this sentiment Freeman goes on to say “ Once you win, you’re done.”

Freeman has been nominated for ‘Street Smart‘ (1987), ‘Driving Miss Daisy’ (1989), ‘Million Dollar Baby’ ( 2004) – which he won for Supporting Actor – , and ‘Invictus’ (2009). Freeman states that he doesn’t want to win Best Supporting, claiming it’s a runner-up prize. Although he appreciated the prize,  there’s absolutely nothing like garnering that grand Oscar win.  At some point Freeman should be able to cash in on all his nominations for an official Oscar.  Freeman is one of the few actors that arguably deserves an Oscar for all of his performances.

Do you agree with Freeman?

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