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Andy Bernard Replaces Michael Scott 'The Office' New Boss


Since Steve Carrell announced that he was leaving ‘The Office,’ everybody wanted to know who would replace the regional manager at Dunder Mifflin. During the finale there was a slue of potential candidates for the new position but no decision was made and, well the season was over. NBC managed to keep a secret that left ‘The Office‘ fans in the dark about the whole thing. Wait no longer! Andy Bernard is taking a raise and assuming more responsibility.

Ed Helms plays the smart looking dimwit salesman who was presented in the show in the third season. Now nationwide fans can rest assured that the Scranton New Jersey offices are in good hands. Andy better watch his back though, I’m sure Dwight is gunning for him.

Andy Bernard’s new character position is of a boss who is terrified of being a boss. He is going out of his way to step his game up and overcome the pressures of the new, more important role as Dunder Mifflin’s regional manager of Scranton New Jersey.

‘The Office’ premiered last night on NBC.

What do you think about Andy Bernard being the new boss?

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