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Will Smith Shocks Jada Pinkett With Birthday Tribute

Once again putting break-up rumors to rest, Will Smith surprised his wife Jada Pinkett Smith for her 40th birthday last weekend with a touching tribute. Jada who reached the milestone this past Sunday on September 18th celebrated on the previous evening with an intimate party with a few guests including close friends and immediate family. Of course the party wasn’t the big surprise, according to US Weekly, Will went out of his way to put together a tribute for Jada covering much of childhood with special messages from her childhood friends in Baltimore.

“Will treated it like a Hollywood production and had the best people work on it for months. He even had his wife’s childhood pals from Baltimore supply pictures and anecdotes about his wife. Jada was shocked!, said the insider.

How sweet! Reportedly the video was a full hour long. We’re sure Jada was more than giving when she showed her gratitude to Will for his super sentimental gift. 😉

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