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Beyonce Won't Let Pregnancy Stop Her Show At Fragrance Launch Party

Beyonce Knowles proves pregnancy is no excuse to not keep things moving as she launches her new fragrance Pulse.

Beyonce arrived at her NYC launch in a short, sparkling blue dress with blazer that more than sufficiently concealed her baby bump showed off her toned legs.

In an interview with the Associated Press, Beyonce explained why she was so excited to have her own fragrance.

“I always meet strong, powerful women and they always have a signature scent,” the 30-year old mommy to be stated. “That is one of the first things I was so proud of. I thought about Diamonds and Elizabeth Taylor and all these icons, so I am so proud of this.”

When asked how her fragrance differs from others Knowles responded;

“This is very fresh. This is all about citrus, but it also has vanilla in the back. It is important for me for a fragrance not to just smell like one thing. I think women are interesting and I don’t like for you to be like, Ok, this smells like this. I like for it to be something signature and something that brings out your inner beauty and your confidence and makes you feel like you leave a long-lasting impression”

Beyonce, who is infamous for her privacy, recently spoke candidly in an interview with CNN about how excited she was now that she is able to openly express her delight in being pregnant.

“I am having so much fun, it has been the most fun time now that [my pregnancy] has been announced. It was really difficult to conceal”

She continued;

“Now that I can be proud and excited about it, I’m having so much fun shopping. It’s great”

Beyonce, who has yet to reveal her due date, is allegedly somewhere between 3 and 4 months pregnant. Although I applaud her determination and insistence to keep working; I hope as the pregnancy moves along she takes a little time off to truly enjoy the experience.

Congratulations Bey!

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