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Eddie Murphy's "Thousand Words" Pushed Back to Post-Oscar Release Date

Oooh lookie here: Eddie Murphy’s “A Thousand Words” gets new release date. Paramount makes a strategic move by pushing Eddie Murphy’s Comedy ‘A Thousand Words’ back. Before the release date was January 13. 2012, now its been pushed to March 23, 2012 that’s less than a month after the Academy Awards which Murphy will be hosting.

Perhaps Paramount is planning on riding the wave of Murphy’s hosting the Oscars, only to put it up against Lionsgate ‘s highly anticipated teen novels-turned-movie ‘The Hunger Games’

Paramount has not yet released a trailer or poster for “A Thousand Words”

More films Paramount has coming soon:

‘Footloose’ Oct 14, 2011

‘Hugo’ Nov 23, 2011

‘The Adventures of Tin Tin’ Dec 23, 2011

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