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Scarlett Johansson Contacts The FBI; Kirstie Alley Gets Demanding

Scarlett Johansson appears to be this week’s latest victim in a phone hacking ring which has been targeting various A-list female celebrities.

According to TMZ, Johansson recently elicited the services of the FBI in order to investigate how nude, intimate photos taken on her cell phone were leaked on a website earlier today.

Johansson isn’t the only celebrity involved in this privacy breach; other familiar names include Jessica Alba, Selena Gomez, Demi Lovato, Christina Aguilera, Vanessa Hudgens, Ali Larter, and Miley Cyrus.

According to, Beth Jones, a senior threat researcher at the Internet security company Sophos, offered a suggestion to Johansson and other stars worried about becoming the victims of hackers.

“I hate to point out the obvious, but not taking nude photos on your phone is your first line of defense. Remember Polaroid’s?”

Although I’m not exactly sure how functional a Polaroid would be in our current instant communication era; it is perhaps a suggestion worth considering.

(Kirstie Alley At Fashion Show – Picture courtesy of ABC)

In other news, actress Kirstie Alley turns into a demanding diva during a recent 9/11 tribute.

Alley allegedly requested a helicopter to a 9/11   event where she was scheduled to appear.

Reps claim that Kirstie had a laundry list of demands that included her being air-lifted rather than taking a more tradition form of transport.

One of the event organizers released the following statement;

“Alley had a set of demands that she wanted met before she made the appearance and she almost canceled the appearance because she couldn’t get a helicopter.”

A rep for a restaurant involved added;

“We couldn’t believe it.   It’s a memorial service, not a party.”

Although Kirstie Alley, who eventually arrived via car, has yet to comment; one of her representatives released the following statement;

“Kirstie was coming from Pennsylvania that morning, and was simply exploring all options of transportation, from Amtrak to helicopter, in order to ensure she made it on time to respect those being remembered.   At no point was a demand made.   Also, she ended up taking an SUV, not a limo.”

From the umpteenth nude photo scandal to a demanding diva – what else is new in Hollywood?

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