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Jessica Simpson Plans For A Breast Reduction Just A Rumor

Update-Jessica Simpson is or isn’t planning for a breast reduction? The fashion mogul has publicly battled issues with her weight for quite some time.   Now the subject is re-surfacing as she prepares to marry former NFL player Eric Johnson this November.   Apparently, Simpson is attempting to loose weight by reducing an area many would considerably want to keep ample…her breast.

Seeing as Jessica feels her cup runneth over a bit too much; she’s deciding to have elective breast reduction surgery in an effort to shed a few pounds. At 5-foot-3, her 150lb frame may not appear overweight to many of us; however it is a far cry from her previous size two during her Dukes of Hazzard Days.   Although the weight gain is visible, I’m not so certain that the breasts are her main culprit.

Nevertheless, Jessica appears ready to go as a source recently revealed in that Simpson feels the reduction will help her look thinner.

“She thinks if she downsizes her breasts, she will look smaller.   She’s never loved having a huge chest.”

The source continued by confirming that Jessica’s weight may be the primary hindrance to her fall wedding.

“If the weight doesn’t come off soon, she might call off the wedding or surgery. If she does postpone, breast reduction is first on her do-do-list.”

(Jessica in her Dukes of Hazzard days)

Although over-sized breast has been known to cause physical problems such as back and shoulder pain for those who may be disproportionately sized; this however is not the case for Simpson who may be using the surgery simply as a dieting alternative.

Just this past weekend Adele talked about body image in the October issue of Vogue and pressures of Hollywood to be thin. Other than discomfort is Jessica Simpson going too far?

Jessica may not be going anywhere at all, according to ABC News, a source stated Jess is skipping on the breast reduction…hmm..OK.

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