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Gloria Govan Chooses Poor Cast For Basketball Wives LA

Update-It doesn’t take very long as you watch the premiere episode of Basketball Wives LA to note it will be nothing like Basketball Wives Miami. It’s also not hard to see that Gloria Govan is the new Shaunie O’Neal. Which is rather ironic given their tense interaction during the first season of Basketball Wives Miami. Many thought Gloria’s reality TV days were over after she disappeared midway into the second season of BBW: Miami. When the cast of Basketball Wives: LA were released many fans were shocked to see not only Gloria but her sister Laura as well. It was later revealed by Shaunie herself that she did not have any part in choosing the women for the Los Angeles cast. Shaunie took it a step further and called the cast ‘trashy’.

Moving forward….

Gloria called into the Breakfast Club in New York to discuss what viewers can expect from the new season and just exactly how did this cast get chosen. Surprisingly, Gloria revealed that she chose the entire cast!!! We can agree that both shows are filled with unnecessary drama with women making complete fools of themselves. But for the foolishness of Los Angeles we can put the blame squarely at VH1 and Gloria Govan’s feet…and Shaunie for losing control of her own idea!

Take a listen to the audio of Gloria’s interview. Of course Gloria states she’d hope to not emulate the Miami wives and skip over the drama – HA! What did you think of the season premiere of Basketball Wives La?

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0 thoughts on “Gloria Govan Chooses Poor Cast For Basketball Wives LA

  1. Cynthia Buchanan says:

    OMG!!! I will not watch Basketball Wives L.A. I couldn’t believe the stupid comments about women taking proper, thinking their to cute, it took me back to grade school. But the worst was when this women says she’s been married 16yrs. and plans a wedding every year to keep from planning a divorce. I makes me think that her marriage is not solid. Who gets married every year to their husband. If you have to do all of that then maybe its not much of a marriage. Gloria’s sister Laura has the nerve to call somebody a “Rat” She even have a doesn’t have a husband, jsut had a baby, and slept with SHAQ!!! She needs to go somewhere and sit DOWN.. Gloria has been engaged to Matt how many years now??? I don’t like the show at al!!! I like Basketball Wives “Miami” The women on that show are pretty, the fashion is much better, and I enjoy watching. L.A. Basketball Wives will not be on for long.. Gloria here’s a little advice, work on getting Matt to marry you, stop acting like your all that because your nothing more then a Baby Momma” stop calling women “Gold Digger;s” because isn’t that what you are!!!! Just TACkY!!!.

  2. Cynthia Buchanan says:

    I was typing so fast I made a few error’s. I meant to say Laura doesn’t have a husband, just had a baby, and slept with SHAQ, how can she call anybody a “Rat”

  3. Stefanie R says:

    UHG!!! I never liked her in BBW: Miami shes soo stupid!! I defiantly wont be watching BBW: LA they are so just not cool.

  4. blue14 says:

    Here here… toatally agree!

  5. Eleanor says:

    Yeah and we will see how long that last. I kind of like Evelyn but she is a bully to say the least. Looking for love in all the wrong places.

  6. Eleanor says:

    Tell the truth. These women are all trashy….Not a good show at all.

  7. The truth says:

    Truthfully, these chicks remind me off lowdown dirty women that are pure wicked for the love of money they sold their soul. There is nothing positive about this show. The old Jackie is the ring leader.she should be ashamed of herself.

  8. Jonie says:


  9. Queen says:

    The LA wives are SICK!!! I have never in my entire life could of imagine women would hold court in the matter in which these judgmental want-to-be hold. real women dont have to go around like theses women do .to validated by trying to belittle others…there need to be an online survey to request to have this pathetic show removed from the air. How about, we start blogging and search public record on all of those over the hill want to-be that deal Biotches!!!

  10. Queen says:

    Dreia, you have to much going on to F*CK with those jealous fat brokedown fat ass bitches,,,that is so insecure, because they know what time it is… and Gloria really!!! how in the F*ck can you sit and think for one second your shit smells like roses!! You cane even keep your man thats why you are on that band wagon…Please CANCEL this show… the messed up part I only watched it once and that was one time to many…

  11. miyoki ming says:

    These chics gotta lotta nerve calln draya a jump off cuz only 2 bitches married the rest of y’all r baby mamas aka JUMP OFFS!!!!!! Jackie tooooo old to be acting like that how embarrassed ur kids must b..i would hate to have u as a mother..her husband seems like he wanna go but he to scared…how insecure u are n ur marriage.. thats y she bullies draya just a jealous hater…laura fukked shaq n got thrown out on the street now who a rat! U whore ..4 motherfuck*ng kids n not married..damn! Somebody tryn to rack up n child support…What if we pulled up some sh*t on the internet about all u silly hoes none of u r angels y’all got dirt…get a life an mind ur business thats y all u chics dont got nobody misery loves company…draya n malaysia r the only kool ones…malaysia only kool cuz she beat the sh*t outta laura manly ass…gloria got her ass beat by matt thats y u not married but u stuck around for the $…rat! Jackie married 3x b4 cuz nobody can stand ur classless ass..u need ur ass Beat! Imani is a joke she hella weak..she got three kids n two baby who worthless..yall bithches live in glass mansions put down the boulders bitches…what a bunch of bitter jealousy hating raggedy bitches..

  12. lucci nu says:

    Soooo true!!!! Soooio true

  13. delredd says:

    there’s not anything damm good n these bunch of stupid, ugly, mean, bitter, childish, so asses, and pathetic old bitches like these. iv’e never ever seen women at all behave like the bbw’s of la. do. especially all of the hate that they all have against draya what ashamed 4 black women like them only really degrading they on damm self. gloria u the main 1 that i really hate the fucking most, gloria u ain’t nothing but a fucking shit stain in the seat of ur draws.u call urself a wanna b bad bitch, royce pop u n that monkey ass face of yours in the ring bitch remember that gloria. royce & the gang ran ur scary ass 2 la. gloria y don’t u get the fuck hit by a bus please bitch, i dare u ever say that shit abour draya again.imaini ur a worthless piece of hot nasty vomit/shit mixed 2gether u fat no getting dick bitch. jackie u r a down on the low big fucking dike that can’t keep draya’s name out ur damm mouth. on this whore here 16th wedding nite she mention draya’s name 2 doug wtf? jackie u only was mad at draya bcuz u ask her 2 dance at ur boring ass wedding n she didn’t show. maybe draya must have known that u and doug wanted a 3some? huh u nasty beeded rat bitch. draya don’t like u like that jackie she of course goes 4 the cute 1’s like herself & malaysia, not an old ugly hard man ass face outer shaped bitch like u jackie no no.lorilla ur a fat ugly ass slut u use 2 suck shaq big dick now he get tied of looking at a big ugly ass bitch that look just as hard as him. so all u whores on here need 2 leave draya the fucked alone.

  14. delredd says:

    gloria ur a sad fucking case all by urself & laura. jackie u r 4-ever mentioning draya’s name what a damm shame 4 u 2 b acting so messy/childish. imani ur big cunt have dust on it so whore go finish fucking urself like u always do, u said it any ways on the same episode at the mma. malaysia ur a 2-face ass whore. laura ur a big ugly ass man with a hairy ass swollen cunt. y r all bitter at draya bcuz she gets more dick & cunt ya’ll bitches don’t.

  15. queen mcmichael says:


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