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Gloria Govan Chooses Poor Cast For Basketball Wives LA

Update-It doesn’t take very long as you watch the premiere episode of Basketball Wives LA to note it will be nothing like Basketball Wives Miami. It’s also not hard to see that Gloria Govan is the new Shaunie O’Neal. Which is rather ironic given their tense interaction during the first season of Basketball Wives Miami. Many thought Gloria’s reality TV days were over after she disappeared midway into the second season of BBW: Miami. When the cast of Basketball Wives: LA were released many fans were shocked to see not only Gloria but her sister Laura as well. It was later revealed by Shaunie herself that she did not have any part in choosing the women for the Los Angeles cast. Shaunie took it a step further and called the cast ‘trashy’.

Moving forward….

Gloria called into the Breakfast Club in New York to discuss what viewers can expect from the new season and just exactly how did this cast get chosen. Surprisingly, Gloria revealed that she chose the entire cast!!! We can agree that both shows are filled with unnecessary drama with women making complete fools of themselves. But for the foolishness of Los Angeles we can put the blame squarely at VH1 and Gloria Govan’s feet…and Shaunie for losing control of her own idea!

Take a listen to the audio of Gloria’s interview. Of course Gloria states she’d hope to not emulate the Miami wives and skip over the drama – HA! What did you think of the season premiere of Basketball Wives La?

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