Winehouse Toxicology Negative For Illegal Substances: Death Still A Mystery

Results from the toxicology report for the former British songstress Amy Winehouse (who died in her London apartment July 25, 2011) are in, and it confirms that at the time of her death Winehouse had no illegal substances in her system.

This new information continues to fuel the mystery behind Amy’s death given that many believed it was caused by a self induced overdosed brought on from years of drug and alcohol abuse.   Although no illegal substances were cited in the toxicology, Amy reportedly had alcohol in her system at the time of her death.   Examiners remain unclear if or how alcohol may have played a role while not completely ruling it out as a possible contributor.

According to International Business Times, a spokesperson for the family confirmed the toxicology by issuing the following statement;

“Results indicate that alcohol was present, but it can not be determined as yet if it played a role in her death.”

One theory that has emerged is that Amy, who by her father’s account was at least 3 weeks into her sobriety, may have gone into shock after the re-introduction of alcohol in her system. Nevertheless, this still remains a theory given that medical examiners have yet been able to paint a clear picture as to exactly what caused Winehouse’s death.

Winehouse’s toxicology may not have provided any conclusive answers but her family, friends and fans are hoping an October inquest will bring more answers.

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