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'The Help' Needs No Help! Top Of Box Office

It was a dismol opining for Conan and Fright Night. The Help takes the lead and Planet of the Apes falls to number 2. That takes The Help to 71.8 Million in 10 days. The story about maids and their  employers in the racially
driven time during the 1960’s has become a hit. Check out the The 6 leaders
in the Box Office This weekend.

Boy Office Numbers 8/21/11

1. The Help  Weekend Rev– 20,479,000 Cume  71,8001,170

2. Rise Of The Planet Of the Apes Weekend Rev 16,300,00 Cume 133,764,360

3. Spy Kids: All The Time In The World Weekend Rev 12,020,000 Cume 12,020,000

4. Conan The Barbarian Weekend Rev  10,000,000 Cume 10,000,000

5. Fright Night Weekend Rev  8,300,000 Cume 8,300,000

6. Final Destination 5 Weekend Rev  7,705,000 Cume 32,328,220


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