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La La Vasquez Shamelessly Funny Take Back The Perv Video

La La Vasquez Anthony has recorded a surprisingly funny feminist video called ‘Take Back The Perv’. When I spotted this video on Essence this morning – I found myself almost feeling ashamed that I found the clip to be so funny!

This is a good turn for La La who’s had a busy weekend with promoting the premiere of ‘La La’s Full Court Life’ as well attending the extravaganza that was Kim Kardashian’s wedding. The blooming actress spoke recently about her struggles to breaking into the acting field,

“It’s the most challenging thing I have to do. People just want to see things one way. When I go to these auditions, I feel like I have to prove myself 10 times over… acting is a challenge.”

“I have to break all these barriers. When you win a role, like the Steve Harvey role, it’s so satisfying. I teared up, and that’s not usually me.”

La La just wrapped up filming ‘Think Like A Man’ – the Steve Harvey filmed she referred to in the above quote and tonight ‘La La’s Full Court Life’ will premiere on VH1. With this kind of comedic timing – La La’s future may be bright after all. Watch the skit below courtesy of

How long do you think before the feminist groups turn up the heat on this parody?? Will you watch La La Vasquez tonight at 9pm?

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