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Dark Knight Rises: Batman Flies The Batwing (Video)

Dark Knight Rises: Batman Flies The BatwingNow this is going to be cool! It looks like some weird contraption being towed down the street, but no that’s the Batwing flying down the street in the upcoming Dark Knight Rises. With all of Christopher Nolan’s attempts to keep the veil of secrecy, images and video continue to leak out due to onlookers’ cell phones and compact digital cameras. But what do you expect when you see a big black alien space craft looking thing flying down the street in broad daylight! The Batwing raises a lot of excitement for the the Dark Knight Rises that stars Christian Bale(Batman) and Tom Hardy(Bane). With this film being the finale, Christopher Nolan is obviously making this worthwhile by bringing out all of Batman’s toys (and trying his best to make it a surprise for us).

Check out the video to this very cool scene where the Batwing flies down the tight streets of Gotham City


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