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Nia Long Flaunts Belly Bump In Trinidad

Nia Long, who’s expecting a child with NBA player Ime Udoka was visiting her family in Trinidad after a ten year hiatus. Nia’s grandfather is from Trinidad as well as other family members who continue to reside on the island. Nia showed off her belly bump as she strolled through with her son Massai and her mother Talita. Stopping to talk briefly with the local press, Nia stated,

“I haven’t been back in about ten years, but I always enjoy my time here. Of course, I’m pregnant so I couldn’t do any partying but I’m looking forward to relaxing at the beach in Barbados.”

“Hopefully, it won’t take me this long to come visit here again,” she said, “but I really had a wonderful time and I must thank everyone I met who showed me that warm Trinidadian hospitality and love.”

Yep, Nia’s taking her vacation to Barbados!

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