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Vera Farmiga and Mark Strong Star In 'Closer To The Moon'

Vera Farmiga (Up in The Air) and Mark Strong star In ‘Closer To The Moon’. Farmiga will be acting as the former lover of Max (played by Strong) and mother of his child. She returns from studying in Moscow just in time for drama to unfold. Closer To The Moon is a period-piece set in communist Romania. Strong plays Max Rosenthal, a former head of the criminal investigation unit for the Bucharest police force, who, along with four prominent Jews, pull off a bank robbery in broad daylight under the guise of pretending to film a movie. They are caught and sentenced to death, but their fate is suddenly delayed at the request of the communist government which has a different plan in store for the men.

Nae Caranfil is directing and production is set to begin early fall in Bucharest.

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