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'Dark Knight Fight' Scene Leaked Batman Fights Bane

Check it out.. Batman(Christian Bale) Fights Bane(Tom Hardy) Video leaked from the set for all Dark Knight Man Groupies to enjoy. The clip shows the brawl between Gotham’s finest and Arkham Asylum inmates. Look It’s snowing in Pittsburg in August! Those extras must be hot! I mean like sweaty hot, I mean….oh never mind.

With the success of the Batman Begins and The Dark Knight the anticipation for Dark knight rises is unbearable. However, history has show that the third installment of any triquel has always been “trash” I think Dark Knight Rises will be different and I got two reason why- Christopher Nolan. The writer of Batman Begins, The Dark Knight, Inception and the up coming Man Of Steel. Only time will tell. Click to see the trailer to The Dark Knight Rises.

Dark Knight Rises is set to release on July 20th 2012
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