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Michael K. Williams New Role In NBC's Comedy 'Community'

Michael K. Williams AKA Omar, AKA Chalky White goes against all that we expect from him to join NBC’s ‘Community’ next season. I’m shaking my head at this one. Now what is Williams going to  do in this comedy with that mean looking scar??! If you have never seen ‘Community ‘check out an episode  here and see for yourself where Williams will fit in. Its funny just to think about it.  ‘Community’ creator Dan Harmon says that he is looking for a sense of groundedness and reality to the series. Is this why he brought Williams on the project? I don’t think that is true. Maybe its the next thing to do coming off of two hit show s(The Wire and Boardwalk Empire) where Williams plays the grittiest of characters. I guess nobody wants to be pigeon-holed in the biz.

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