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Marc Anthony Impeding Divorce Proceedings To Win Back Jennifer

Update-Marc Anthony and Jennifer Lopez Split is going from amicable to nasty. Every interview the couple has given over the last few months is vetted for evidence of broken marriage.

Interviews, sound bites, and ex-lovers have now made what the couple attempted to keep a private affair something of a media spectacle.   While Jennifer has been receiving the brunt of the attention, given her very open interview with Vanity Fair, a reported contract increase from American Idol and working on two films, Marc occasionally leans in the spot light with commentary showing clear signs of marital wear.

In the September issue of O Magazine, Marc unknowingly confirmed signs of tension existed long before the divorce announcement was made.   Although the interview was intended to primarily provide a platform for the couple to discuss their individual clothing collection for Kohls, Marc made this candid statement;

“My mum always told me 95 per cent of success was partnering well,”

Marc continued;

“You know, we’re like anyone. We go to meetings during the day, then we like to come home and watch a movie with the kids. And I get yelled at when I’m running late. All normal stuff.”

(Jennifer Lopez models her line with “real” models, directed by creative director Adam Glassman)

As it was clear Marc was attempting to make light of a contentious situation, Lopez stayed focused and professional as she attempted to re-direct the interview towards their designs by stating;

“I’m a mom, I work. I want comfort. But I want to feel sexy and modern. I think most women want the same things.”

Although Marc was clearly somewhat displeased by his treatment in the marriage, some sources claim he is still trying to salvage the relationship….in a very counter-intuitive manner.   An insider recently told US Weekly;

“He can’t let go.   His mood shifts from blaming her to begging her to take him back to telling her she is destroying his life.”   “He’s being difficult on every little point,” the source said. “He wants to prolong things so she reconsiders.”

The source added;

“Jennifer made up her mind.   She’s plowing full speed ahead with the divorce.” And this point it’s hard to imagine why she wouldn’t, let’s be honest, JLo has always shined in the spotlight and ALL the lights are on her fledgling career. If Marc was indeed as controlling as reports have implied, Jennifer would lose out on her American Idol contract and her many movie deals in the pipeline. Is that what’s best for her – who knows. But if Marc Anthony hopes to win Jennifer back he’s better off helping her score a major money deal that she can’t score on her own than playing difficult.

Speaking of deals, what do you think of Jennifer’s line for Kohls? Are you buying?

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