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Rex Lee Lands New Role Joins ABC's Suburgatory

Rex Lee, AKA Lloyd from HBO’s Entourage. Rings a bell? Of Course its dose Ari’s flamboyant assistant that goes through years of abuse from Ari. Well Rex Lee has joined the cast of ABC’s new comedy Suburgatory. Lee will play  Mr. Wolf a Clueless guidance Counselor in a Clueless highschool world.

Suburgatory is about a Tessa, a girl who is from the big city. Grounded in the realities of life. but when her single father played by Jeremy Sisto. Finds condoms in Tessa’s underwear draw. He decided that the big apple is to much to chew and  packs up and move them to  the suburbs.

Lee repped by APA is a great addition to the already well received comedy.





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