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Basketball Wives Lawsuit: Meeka Claxton Sues Tami Roman Over Brawl

Update-The Basketball Wives franchise sees another lawsuit but this time it’s from one cast member to another. Meeka Claxton who joined the third season of Basketball Wives has filed a lawsuit against cast mate Tami Roman. For months rumors spread that Tami punched Meeka out while the cast took a trip to Rome, Italy. Meeka repeatedly denied being punched and even played down the event – very little information was available about the brawl to verify the information either way, except to note that a brawl indeed took place.

On July 21st, Khameka (Meeka) Claxton confirmed something major went down when she filed a lawsuit against Tami Roman for assault, battery, intentional infliction of emotional distress and intentional interference with contractual relations. For the first time last night we saw exactly why Meeka went forward with the lawsuit.

It’s no surprise – at least for those who follow the show – that Tami and Meeka are not best of friends. Tami insist on calling out Meeka for any hint of shadiness while Meeka seems to constantly find herself in a gray area through her mouth. Everything came to a head that night in Rome – thanks in large part to Suzie – when Tami decided it was OK to slap Meeka over their disagreement. Watch the events unfold below: Did Tami take it too far?

The Basketball Wives Cast enjoys a laugh at Tami’s expense + Meeka attempts to clarify her comments – again

Tami and Meeka brawl:

Despite Shaunie O’Neal’s attempt to stand apart from other reality TV shows that thrive on the dramatics, Basketball Wives have found it’s place amongst the worst of them. Could this be a turning point for the series or will it continue to expand much like Bravo’s insistence on expanding its Housewives franchise?

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