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Basketball Wives Lawsuit: Meeka Claxton Sues Tami Roman Over Brawl

Update-The Basketball Wives franchise sees another lawsuit but this time it’s from one cast member to another. Meeka Claxton who joined the third season of Basketball Wives has filed a lawsuit against cast mate Tami Roman. For months rumors spread that Tami punched Meeka out while the cast took a trip to Rome, Italy. Meeka repeatedly denied being punched and even played down the event – very little information was available about the brawl to verify the information either way, except to note that a brawl indeed took place.

On July 21st, Khameka (Meeka) Claxton confirmed something major went down when she filed a lawsuit against Tami Roman for assault, battery, intentional infliction of emotional distress and intentional interference with contractual relations. For the first time last night we saw exactly why Meeka went forward with the lawsuit.

It’s no surprise – at least for those who follow the show – that Tami and Meeka are not best of friends. Tami insist on calling out Meeka for any hint of shadiness while Meeka seems to constantly find herself in a gray area through her mouth. Everything came to a head that night in Rome – thanks in large part to Suzie – when Tami decided it was OK to slap Meeka over their disagreement. Watch the events unfold below: Did Tami take it too far?

The Basketball Wives Cast enjoys a laugh at Tami’s expense + Meeka attempts to clarify her comments – again

Tami and Meeka brawl:

Despite Shaunie O’Neal’s attempt to stand apart from other reality TV shows that thrive on the dramatics, Basketball Wives have found it’s place amongst the worst of them. Could this be a turning point for the series or will it continue to expand much like Bravo’s insistence on expanding its Housewives franchise?

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71 thoughts on “Basketball Wives Lawsuit: Meeka Claxton Sues Tami Roman Over Brawl

  1. fitzwilliam says:

    Tami is a sick and twisted bully. It is sad to think she has children that she has raised, I wouldn’t trust her raising a cat. Meeka should sue the ass off of her. Tami kept picking on her the entire trip, just pushing for a fight — the way a true bully acts. What they need is someone on the show the size of Nell Carter that could bust Tami in the chops and put her in her place. Meeka is the only one that has a shred of class on that show. She ought to sue Shaunie while she’s at is for creating the dangerous situation to begin with by adding pit bull Tami to the cast. Throw a drink if you must, but when it comes to punching someone with your fist, it’s turned from entertainment to hostile. I love these ones that say Tami is “keeping it real”. If that’s “real” give me the unreal any day. The only people that would admire Tami would have to be as twisted as she is.

  2. lida says:

    I feel so badly for Meeka. She is the classiest one on the show. She seemed to really try to fit in with these chicks (notice I did not use the term women or ladies – it is for a reason). She did not deserve the that kind of abuse and humiliation! Shaunie, you need to step it up and stop being an instigator. Evelyn is a pathetic mess as the only reason she got so bent out of shape with Jennifer is becasue Jennifer called it like she saw it and Evelyn knows it is true. Ocho will wear her behind out with affairs/adultery! Jennifer, would you be so quick to let go of your marriage if Eric was still runnng up and down the court? These chicks are poor representations of women – including BIG MOUTH Suzie!

  3. felicia says:

    i dont feel at least sorry for meeka.if you keep nrun off at the mouth then you get hit in it.all tami as her was to keep name out mouth and she went to suie talking wht next your ass. lawsuite is over rated and stupide.i think if she cant handle it then she should leave.

  4. Jay says:

    Did Anyone Else Notice When Tami Was Talking To The Camera That They Had On The Same Earrings

  5. Tami ‘s behavior is downright thug. She needs to have her ass beat…who made her the queen of “keeping it real” … girl please.

  6. AWIFEwithCLASS says:

    I enjoy the show, and purposely make sure my popcorn and Tahitian Treat soda is on my nightstand every Monday night at ten. To start off with, I enjoy these ladies. However, I would never feel comfortable exploiting myself on a reality television show, but by all means, please never take this show off. This is the next best thing to A Different World. Let’s begin…….Shaunie: Beautiful, gorgeous, with a haircut to die for….notice, she never gets into any drama, and everyone revolves their opinions around her….”executive producer”….Evelyn: Pretty lady, dresses well, but once she gets angry, she is the most non intelligent person to listen to. I love her though, and think she’s fab!! She is not afraid to tell it like it is….not always a good thing though. My all time favorite Jennifer: Beautiful, soft spoken, filled with class, she has a little bit of issues here with Royce, but from the outside looking in…she shouldn’t. I think she would be better off, without Evelyn sorta dictating her motives. I love Jen’s style, and in my opinion, she is the best dressed on the show. Royce: Compared to the other girls, she is the least fashionable, she is not afraid to speak her mind. The other girls don’t seem to like her because of that alone. Tami: Loved her since Real World. She would definitely be someone I’d kick it with, I don’t care how loud, and rude she is classified as. She gets down to the point, she does not care about your toes, but I did think she goes overboard at times with confrontation, but hey…..thats her. Meeka: This chicken grease, pig nose, idiot. She is the least intelligent, for she is unable to get directly to the point, and is unable to answer questions. She’s an ass kisser, and has yet to learn that they don’t like her….the only one who probably will sincerely like her is Royce, and probably Tami had she not tried so hard to be with “The Popular Girls”…..she does whatever she thinks they think is cool…however, she is an adult, and shouldn’t be trying to befriend anyone, but just living her life, and allowing friendship to enter in. I did feel a tad bit sorry for her when Tami knocked her head off. She was stupid for answering Tami each time she did, and I hated the fact that she always acted as if she didn’t understand what Tami was asking her…..HOTTMESS…she dresses fairly well though. That hotmess, shit bucktooth gossiping, shit mouthed Suzie…I absolutely hate her ass. Congratulations Suzie…you are no longer classified as the punching bag, therefor, you feel the need to let everyone who has an issue know how the other one feels, yet your bucktooth speach impediment ass feels the need to remain in the middle with your back and forth gossip, yet saying constantly how akward you feel, and how you don’t want to be in the middle. You had no business telling Tami what Meeka said because you were the one who asked Meeka, as you do everyone…..You went to Royce to brag about how she was not invited…clearly she knew she wasnt when she didn’t get a phone call…..if I were any of those girls, I would have punched you dead in your ugly face. I really despise Suzie!!!!!! Nonetheless…..I love this drama filled, non Basketball wives show.

  7. coach says:

    Meeka is the only legit one on the show anyway according to the title. If Shaunie were a true friend to Tami she’d recommend that she get counseling. Those are the most heartless women I have ever seen! I can’t believe not one of them checked on Meeka the night before and how dare Shaunie read her letter out loud. The fact that they are all mothers is extremely disturbing.

  8. Angela says:

    Meeka, has the right to voice her opinion but she can convide in any of the older women. Most of the women are just looking to stir up trouble running back telling uneducated and ghetto Tami every little thing, knowing she is looking for drama. Most of the women on the show are not saying anything or doing anything constructive. Do Tami think she is so beautiful in the white mans eye that she have the right to call someone black as if she is not. Also, I hope Mary J. Blige get a hold of this so she can sue Shaunie and Tami for letting this go to far and using her name in vain. I will be glad when this show is off the air because it degrade black women to the 10th power.

  9. Pam says:

    Any intelligent individual who watched this foolishness can honestly be upset with the way these hood rats carry themselves, fighting, pulling hair, disgusting profanity blurted out of their nasty mouths, they’re just plain ole upity trailor trash. You can take the trash out the gutter, but, unfortunately no matter how you try to clean it up, it still stinks. There is never a good excuse for assualting someone, Mekka is doing the right thing, I don’t care what she previously said or did to Tami, as an adult regardless of how immature you are, by law you will be held accountable for your actions. And as for Shaunie and the rest of the hood clan, I know the men who divorced and dismissed their behinds, are thanking all of the angels in heaven for helping them get rid of these problem broads…

  10. ann says:

    I agree with fitzwilliams and lida this show is a freaking mess. I really hope it get kicked off the air. Meeka should sue the whole show and Shaunie knew what the hell she was doing putting that girl in harms way. Black women are their own worst enemy. Good Royce got out the only one with brains.

  11. CB says:

    See, I feel bad for Meeka. The entire trip, Tami was acting like she was still sixteen years old. starting stuff. Suzie needs to close her mouth. She didn’t have to say anything. And she claims she didn’t do anything? Suzie, don’t act like you are the innocent one, because she is just as guilty as Tami. It’s about time Tami gets punished for what she does. I hope Meeka wins!

  12. Marcel says:

    U are so ghetto and tacky no one should feel they have the right to hit anyone in the face, Tami should set a better example for her 2 daughters. And they all run their mouths not just Meeka

  13. Marcel says:

    U need to learn how to spell

  14. Patrice L says:

    I agree with the last person’s comments. Tammi had no right to hit her. When you think about it, all of them talk about each other. Shaunie, could have prevented that situation, she knows what’s going on. I think that Tammi is a bully and she should pay for what she did. Now let’s see who gets the last laugh.

  15. Star says:

    I am absolutely thrilled that Meeka had the presence of mine to leave the club and leave Italy. Thank God she knew how to take her passport and get on the next plane bound for NYC. The classless chicks left behind were so stupid. Shaunie should be sued along with Tami. When given the opportunity to show some concern for where Meeka was, (who did she leave with? did she get back to the villa safely?), she was jabbing just like big mouth Tam the next day. She should definitely not get the last laugh. Shaunie is a first class instigator and showed no concern for Meeka’s safety. I would sue all of them for defamantion of character based on their lack of concern and catty remarks after a hurt, demoralized Meeka left the club alone. In the name of common decency…have you no shame Tami, Evelyn, Shaunie and Susie. How disgusting and trite you are. It is a true saying that you cannot make a silk purse out of a sows ear. All the money in the world cannot buy class. Tami and Evelyn talk like sailors. Clearly they are not college educated professional women. And to think that each of them have daughters. Well it is a true saying that what goes around comes around. Watch out Miss Tami, you may be ass broke again. Yes, your mouth truly wrote a check that your behind will not be able to cash this time.

  16. RJ says:

    Tami is a BEAST!!!! I love her. I know alot of Tami’s! I think even I am a lil Tami-ish. I dont she is a bully, she just calls u on your crap. She was probably raised to be strong or had to defend herself. I am very classy and professional, I can flip the script if I have to. But that Suzie shouldve gotten popped a long time ago, she talks too daggone much! Meeka is the new kid on the block and needs to chill out!!….

  17. fitzwilliam says:

    Good god felicia, take a remedial spelling class. Not only is your comment filled with misspellings, it doesn’t even contain complete sentences. Is it any wonder you are a fan of Tami, you’re probably just like her. Dumb and UGLY.

  18. marsha bolton says:

    First and for most the only wive there is meeka. shaunie is a pimp exploiting black women for rating tamie should definately get sued shes a bully so should shawnie

  19. Mrs. Collins says:

    I agree with you Shaunie should be sued. I dont understand why the keep forcing people to go to events as a group when its already clear that the people dont get along. If Shaunie was a real woman/ producer she would want to do whats best for the cast members and not whats best for the show. Every season there has to be one person out of the group that everyone gains up on. Its ridiculous, Shaunie is the producer and it does not make sense constantly have alcohol around Tami when its clear that she is a alcoholic. She going to end up in jail if she does not get a handle on her anger. If this had taken place any where else in the world Tami would have gone to jail. What bothers me the most is the letter Meeka wrote trying to appeal to these psychos to still be her friend.

  20. Real_Lady says:

    I have only watched two episodes of this show. It is the absolute worse depiction of not only women, but African-American females. I pray to God that Meeka’s lawsuit is successful. And just as many others have said, the show should be sued also for have an alcoholic, deranged psycho like Tami putting other people in harm’s way. Tami is a straight bully, thug wanna-be. Real women do not act like this. If there is an issue, they resolve it with words–not violence. All of these hood rats talk about one another, but never Shaunie–who is the biggest instigator of all. It would be nice to have a positive depiction of Black Women on television. This is straight TRASH! Please take this crap off the air because it is definitely not reality.

  21. monic says:

    Meek is an irrational thinking individual. Logic must always agree with reason. Meek does have a consciousness and was able to turn the trip down she thought that she could handle Tammy yet she was wrong she tried to go head to head with the wrong individual that was evidently out of her realm of typical dealings. As for Shanie she only has five kids and on top of that she is a business women and is trying to work. This economy is about survival and capitalizing not worrying about anyones feelings. Before Meek opened her mouth she should have used what little wisdom she has and fully evaluated the situation and observed he environment. I belove this cas should been deem frivolous due this is a hoodrat reality show where any and everything is bold to happen.

  22. Ms. Tyra says:

    Tami Roman is a disgrace! That hit caught me off guard, one thing I can say is, Meeka got some kicks in Tami’s beer belly and snatched Tami bald before exciting with style and grace! You Go Girl!

  23. ImWorthIt says:

    I’m with you! I love this foolwangery! I make sure to have my appetizers and my drinks ready so that I can get my laugh on. I do feel sorry for Meeka. She was not ready for this crew but hey, she had every chance and right to turn down the trip. Yes, its sad that our beautiful women of color resort to this type of behavior but shoot, who else would I have to entertain me on Monday nights? LOL

  24. KEEPING IT REAL says:

    OMG!!!! I coulldn’t have said it better myself… TOTALLY AGREE… oh and yes that Shaunie is such an instigator I really dislike her…

  25. POOH says:


  26. KEEPING IT REAL says:

    Laughing sooo hard… You spoke nothing but the truth..

  27. KEEPING IT REAL says:

    Marcel and FitzWilliam!!!!! totally agree with you….. Laughing so hard…

  28. Cyndy says:

    All of us were told while growing up that if someone hits you to hit them back. That usually quashed the situation; never to be brought up again. As an educator, this is what I see today:
    1. If you think someone said something about you, pick up a brick and eff them up.
    2. If you think someone looked at you wrong ………….
    3. If you think someone is prettier……………….
    4. If you think someone may have said something about you…………..
    5. If you think they think they’re better…………….
    And the list goes on and on.

    Being a world traveler, we must be cognizant of how we’re perceived globally. I’ve had some candid conversations with people of color in Africa and Europe and their perception of African Americans are that we are gangsters, pimps and whores. Of course white women on shows such as Mob Wives, Jersey Shore, etc., show white women in a bad light but they get a pass simply because of the color of their skin. All white women aren’t condemned because of the conduct of a few. Unfortunately, shows like Basketball Wives only perpetuate the myth of the angry, aggressive, Black woman who only knows how to settle conflicts with her fists. (Now I understand why some athletes don’t want their exes on the show.)

    I’m really surprised at Shaunie for giving the appearance that she condones this kind of conduct by not speaking out on camera about it as some sort of disclaimer after the show aired. She made a mockery of Meeka’s letter in front of the others and “appeared” to be happy that Meeka was assaulted.

    In closing, no matter what Meeka said or didn’t say, they ALL said smack and talked about each other including Tami. In my opinion that did not justify Tami putting hands on her. Bullying, no matter in what age group must stop! With all the other social ills that plague us as a community, this type of behavior only proves that we are truly in CRISIS.

  29. dayday says:

    There is a difference in defending yourself and being a strong from being someone putting your hands on someone for something they have said. Tami is a straight up hood rat bully. I don’t give rats ass how many lies a person tell, that doesn’t give your ass the right to put your hands on someone. Tami is just someone who think she’s bad but I bet the right person can give her an ass whooping that she would never forget. Meeka did get some kicks in and had a grip on all that weave, if I were here I would have tried to pull her ass bald, so she would have had to leave her trip too. And Suzie with her lisp talking ass does have diarrhea of the mouth. Why would anyone in there right mind tell her big mouth ass anything? She is a big mouth bitch that needs her ass beat for telling everything. The show is so full of craziness and shit that just doesn’t have to happen. Shaunie is an instigator about everything but she is racking up the dough with this foolishness. I watch it because I think it’s funny and I can see how ghetto people are because I’m not used to ghetto.

  30. dayday says:

    I was thinking the same thing, Shaunie just wanted some shit to get started over that letter. She should have read it in private being that it was addressed to her and not the other ghetto ass bitches.

  31. dayday says:

    No, like Ocho put it “Child Please”

  32. dayday says:

    Who in the world is this making a statement about the show? You need to take an english class desperately.

  33. dayday says:

    Meeka does seem to be the most classy of them all. The rest of these women are insane. Evelyn sleeps with anyone she can and is marry Ocho Cinco, “WHY”? Jennifer is the biggest dummy with her nose up Evelyn’s ass. Why would anyone want a friend like Evelyn. She is a real bitch that thinks keeping it real is the way to be. One day she gonna keep so real that she’s gonna get her mouth twisted. And, Tami, ghetto ass hell and she will one day get hers too. People just don’t realize that there is someone that is badder than they are. Tami is just down right crazy and need anger management classes, with her funny shape self. Suzie gets on my nerves and she’s on the show, “WHY?” Shaunie is the biggest instigator ever but of course she has to keep the show interesting for ratings being that she is the Executive Producer and all. Royce is a firecracker when she wanna be. Those women think because she is small that she can’t give them a run for their money. I believe she could have whooped Evelyn’s ass, which needs to be done sooner than later. I hate ignorance but if they want the world to portray them as that, that’s on them and of course the show probably wouldn’t be interesting if they didn’t show the real them. But still how can so many black women together be so ignorant and ghetto.

  34. dayday says:

    Suzie is the source of almost all the drama that goes on. She kills me saying that she’s in between stuff and feels back. Don’t listen to the shit, if you feel it makes you feel bad about one saying something about the other. What make it so bad, people are confiding in her stupid ass and she runs back to tell it and of course these bitches are ghetto so they want to fight. Suzie should be the one to get her ass smacked. If I were Meeka, I would have smacked her ass at that last meeting they had.

  35. millie says:

    i so agree tami is weak dirty an a bum bitch she knows who to pick on… even with the fact of meeka apology tami should of left it alone an she is shaunie and evelyn dick rider she just wants to be them with her broke bummy ass!!!!

  36. dayday says:

    A spelling class? She just need to take an enlish class point blank, period!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  37. Jamila says:

    I agree. These women are petty and it is a very unrealistic portrayal of black women. That is probably why with the exception of Meeka, none of the so called basketball wives actually have husbands. LOL! Maybe these men are not all dogs. Real can recognize real and vice versa. These women will be single for a while.

  38. Janet says:

    I totally agree Shaunie is a joke. Tammi is truely a bully. she is mad that her marriage to Kenny did not work out. She needs to take anger management classes. Tammi can not control her anger. Tammi needs to be kicked off the show. She has to much drama. Tammi has got into it with every cast member but Shaunie. Shaunie got Evelyn to tell Tammi she slept with Kenny Anderson over 10+ years ago. She should have never advilsed Evelyn to tell something that happen well in the past. I”m so happy Meeka is suing TAMMI. I like Meeka. I was glad Jen & Evelyn made up.

  39. Janet says:

    I disagree with your explanation of the cast members. Shaunie IS NOT A TRUE FRIEND. Tammi BULLY. Meeka IS THE ONLY TRUE BASKETBALL WIFE. Suzi HAS A BIG MOUTH. Jen & Evelyn are okay. Royce is immature.

  40. kristine says:

    i agree with you ; although i dont really like evelyn i think she has a really bad attitude & shes stank, i like jen she just needs her own voice, shaunie i dont have a problem with; i like royce a lot she reminds me of me tells it like it is at all time; tami shes crazy lmao but i love her; i do feel that sometimes she takes real far but like you said thats her, but lately i feel like hes had every right to take it far, meeka that ugly chick honestly im glad tami snuffed her she talks too much.. like stfu! you are the new girl sit back & watch dont go talk trash about ppl & not be able to tell them straight up, you gonna get popped & clearly the girls dont like you at all because she said somethin to evelyn & evelyn went right back & said it to tami no one likes you girl cuz you try to be somethin your not; smh get it together with your whispering always confused ass! suzie wow girl you need a beat down for real cuz meeka got it cuz she runs her mouth way too much you should have gotten it too; like i dont understand how you were in mad drama just a year ago because you were talkin too much & now all of a sudden because everyone is cool with you, you wanna continue to talk! just like meeka you need to learn to stfu; diarrhea of the mouth for real, you had no reason to go back & tell tami what meeka said its not your place, & the fact that you say you dont wanna be in the middle again thats real funny cuz you stay talkin for someone who dont wanna be in the middle! you got a lot of issues; i once used to like you but your not a good friend & you need to shut your ass up just like meeka grow up girl1

  41. TJJ says:

    I cringed as I watched this. I felt sorry for Tammi for the episode where she felt betrayed with the secret all knew but her. I did not feel sorry for the setup of Meeka who played into this scenario. This show is sad tv. They have children and all are seeing this bad behavior. They should have never been aired and some kicked off the show but I guess drama sells. They dress well but class you can’t buy!

  42. bobbie says:

    I think its totally funny how evelyn hated suzie for having diarrhea of the mouth along with everone else that hated her for it to but yet now that they r frinds again they use it to their advantage. They dont mind when suzie has diarrhea of the mouth when shes telling them everything that they want to hear do they?? None of the call suzie out and say dam suzie isnt this what got u hated in the first place. Suzie sure the hell didnt learn anything and meeka was right to call her out n say hey at first i didnt see why ppl said u talked to much but now i sure do!!! Suzie u need to stop acting like ur in highschool and will do anything to fit it even at the cost of getting shit started. Suzie plays victim yet runs her mouth about everyone.
    As far a tammy goes, she isnt as Real as she says either. She did say that the others were fake adn i think she got mad at meeka for speaking up and telling the truth. Tammy cant handle the truth she just flys off the handle to distract the attention from shit she said.
    At this point the only real one ive seen is royce. she at least says it like it is. They all have not cared for her from the beginning and she is the best one on the how really. At least shell tell u something to ur face not just behind ur back.
    And Jenn shes no good friend either, no GOOD LONG ass friend would say rotten shit about u or ur life no matter what the situation. She just cried like a baby cause evelyn was mad at her adn she was scared of her. She dont like royce now cause shes talking to eric. grow the fuck up, u throw he out and u still expect other not to even talk to him over even business. Those 2 arent even friends yet jenn expects royce to do what she wants. How can u dislike someone yet expect them to b curtios to u? What the hell is wrong with u women??

  43. bobbie says:

    i did, her and meeka were wearing the same earring, i laughed my ass off.

  44. Primavera says:

    Meeka did the right thing when she left Italy. People need to realize that as you have no right to physically assault someone because of “what they say”. Those broads did not even give her (Meeka)chance to tell her side of anything because evrytime she tried to speak Tami loud ass could cut her off mid sentence….and the other cunts just sat there giggling waiting for the drama. SHAUNIE is the instigator from hell. EVELYN is an old ass tramp with the face of a bulldog. JEN is dumb as pile of rocks. SUZIE is a weak-ass wannabe. & TAMI get your “black ass” to rehab before you end up wrapped around a tree or encounter someone who will knock you the f*#K out and put you in a coma or something!How can these broads look at themselves in the mirror and what kind of example are they showing for their children.

  45. virgoqueen says:

    I love the show, at times I think its a bit much, However I love me Tami, Meeka is a total joke. She came into the show targeting Tami, so am I sorry for her hell no. She was th one that started asking Tami if she was drunk at the last function. Her mouth is too dam big and always going around in circles.. I would have prefered to see Tami get her pont across without hitting her, but oh well…

  46. TRACY says:

    Tammi needs prozac for real! Her behavior is ridiculous. Maybe she is trying to get hired by Don King. Nobody has the right to put their hands on anyone. There’s a place called J-A-I-L or S-L-A-M-M-E-R. I guess Tammi forgot. Suzie started the whole mess on purpose to get brownie points with the rest of the group. Suzie couldn’t keep her mouth shut if someone promised her the winning lottery ticket. Also, Evelyn was just itching to tell Tammi. Go Meeka and sue all of them.

  47. mrdee says:

    Meeka’s weave is fabulous! Who does her hair?

  48. Shannon says:

    Shaunie Oneill is so wrong for letting that situation occur Thats why Shaq is with hoops she is a messy person I knew it when she was stealing money from him. They all new Tammy was mad when she walked in there and didn’t attempt to let Meeka now what was about to happen. Evelyn has a fake friend, If Jenn said that about you trust she will say more. All of them are fake and a discrimination to black females, Bravo take this show off the air. NeNe leeks has more class than this, Theses females are trashy and Meeka needs to sue Shaunie, Evelynn and that ugly Suzie. Suzie needs to get slapped in her mouth she talks entirely to much. Suzie is very elementary and needs to get a life

  49. Regina says:

    I have beening watch Tammy since “the real world L.A.”. When she had an abortion on tv by some dude that wasnt even her boyfriend. Sh was and always will by a hood rat trying to come up. I Kenny rarely paid Spin a child support or helped with raising thier child together. (So I heard) what made you so special?

    Cause he married you not her? Stop being bitter and GROW THA FUCK UP!! What are your girls thinking about thier mother now? Ghetto.

  50. TEAM TAMI says:


  51. Patrick says:

    Suzie has a big mouth…..

  52. Everyday says:

    Meeka asked for that. Cowards sue people! A real sister wouldve tied their weave up and got down on the floor. Meeka should slap that Avatar “Susie” for bumping her gums and causeing her to get beatin in her in hind parts…..

  53. missy27 says:

    true.. Meeka did say things when they shouldn’t have been said.. But remained a classy lady at all times.. I think like I read above Shaunie tries to act as though she is clueless about some things but loves that ghetto drama! Tammi its ok to be real and to keep it real but you are a bully!! listening to you on the show it was like you were a litle school girl or play ground bully just waiting to start some fight!! for the love of god you are a grown lady stop poking at Meeka to start a fight… like.. so what she set up a date for Jen.. but to make comments like ” oh jen I know what kind of man you like and saying you were gonna make the trip miserable for her is so childlike.. and Honestly thats not being real! if you were really real like you say you are you should have just told meeka look bitch I dont like you and I wanna fight! Instead of all that kindergarten foolishness…It’s one thing to get hood when you have to and only when you have to but its very important as a black woamn to be a classy lady AT ALL TIMES!!!!!!!!! Suzie Suzie Suzie honey I see you will throw anybody under the bus so that your ass won’t get caught in the web again!! Keep your dame mouth closed sometimes even done toRoyce! its not your business to tell Jen anything Give Royce the chance to tell her then maybe Jen would not have been so angry that it was coming from someone else…. Just like it was not your business to go tell what Meeka said to you in confidence… See when you dont want to see your friends go at it sometimes you have to not listen to the drama..or not repeat what you heard But when you Susie decided to Listen to the drama you carried the drama to others and the drama exploded!! ladies ladies ladies!!!!!

  54. Dee says:

    Tami NOW knows what its like to keep something REAL. In the REAL world, and no boo, I don’t mean REALITY TELEVISION…you keep ya damn hands to yourself. Somewhere in that little PEE brain of hers, she felt as though she can just bully a grown ass woman until her heart’s content. Question: Is she high? Another question: Do you ACTUALLY think she would’ve been popping a WHITE WOMAN in the mouth if she said something that SHE didn’t like? UH…WAIT FOR IT…HELL NAW! You know why? She would know off the JUMP that there would be consequences and repercussions for THAT. I learned a LONG time ago that people who think they are BAD are either DEAD or in jail. Tami needs to be in jail before she gets herself “popped” but it won’t be with a fist…it would be with some heat. Last time I checked, this is 2011 and folk ain’t taking ASS WHOOPINGS over some dumb conversations. At the end of the day that is ALL the hell it was. WORDS. Tami has made Meeka a mortal enemy yet you are kissing the ass of the woman who is franchising t-shirts that make FUN of your RELEVANCE while she was SCREWING YOUR EX-HUSBAND??? And you so THIS hood roach is real? Please.

  55. Dee says:

    Thank you. I think at some point, we should file a petition or something about Tami. Or I could just stop watching it which seems like the best solution. I have NEVER condoned bullying and if ANYONE says that what Tami Roman is doing is NOT bullying that are in denial. It is NOT ok to bully a person who is NOT bothering you, who is NOT touching you, who is trying to AVOID you and YOUR aggression and confrontation. Its not OK. I am appalled by her behavior and I think she is the most disgusting, common ass, ghetto piece of trash on television. And for the love of Pete, all you Tami lovers need to STOP being hypocrits! Would you think it would be cool if Tami hit YOU in the face over a few words that she didn’t approve of you saying? Thought so. But, someone else “deserves” it? Would your mother deserve it? Your daughter? Your sister? Yeah, that’s what we thought. If it’s NOT ok with you and your family, it’s not ok with Meeka’s. I hope she sues that ghetto mutt for every penny she has and sue Shawnie’s fake, scary instigating butt right along with her for putting her in a hostile environment without a care and for a paycheck.

  56. monfura says:

    “Real sisters” only go hood when they have to. Meeka, is a professional lady as well as a basketball wife. We Real Sisters sue when we need to and rarely get on the floor with a coward. Why? Simple, cowards can’t be taught! One of the reasons that we sisters lose at life is because we are quick to physically fight, which doesn’t solve anything, and slow to legally fight which solves most things. Ex. black men can generally physically beat white men on the ball court, but the white men generally beat the black men in the legal court. After a fist fight on the b-ball court, the white man goes home to his family, but after a legal fight in a courtroom, the black man goes to prison and can only see his family through bars. Who is the winner? Back to Meeka, if she is to be effective in making Tami pay, she needs to sue. Also, that is the only way that Tami, the coward, will learn to act like a classy black woman instead of a trashy black mess!

  57. monfura says:

    Dee!!! You are so on point! Tami makes all of us classy black women look bad!!!

  58. Dymond princess says:

    I think if everyone is grown like they claim to be they would act like it.Shaunie shoukd of set the dos and dont. She was very messy and always acted like she didnt know what was going on. Why would you read a letter that was addressed to YOU to everyone else. Evelyn is very scary but has a big mouth she going to write a check her butt cant cash. Suzie is veeerry messy she always talk about she lke everyone but cant keep her mouth closed she cant say meeka talk to much. Everytime somerhing was said suzie was the one to go and say something. My mama always told me to keep some things to ure self and she cant she was just happy there was someones else that was getting ogged besides
    her. I love tami but she have to realize she have teenagers and that is not the way to act went have ro lead by example for our children

  59. nuera says:

    Meeka was wrong from jump….she was tryna but cool and fit in with the ladies and talked about all of them…she is a follower…..suzie had nothin to do with it but being dragged in by meeka…there where penlty of times for meeka to call out anyone say the same things to shaunie and the pack to tami but she avoided it and put rocye as the escape goat when clearly royce has not spoken to the pack since the brawl with evelyn….meeka is a basketball wives follower n tryna be down when all the ladies simply said you be the jugde of charatcher and form her own opinion which all the drinks made her incapable to do….at the end of the day they are still women but meeka failed to act as a women and a bigger person

  60. Tyrone says:

    Here comes Basketball Wives LA. First episode physical fighting over NOTHING! Now I have been criticize for criticizing Basketball Wives for demeaning minority women……I said Tami is a ghetto stupid ignorant lowlife classless female1 I was right! Let me also add coward because she did tell Meeka that Evelyn and Shawnnie were phony!
    I really wonder why Mr. Sally did not show the clip of Tami saying that! I must say that Evelyn is proven to be the dumbest of the females! Chad will never ever marry her and with three baby mama and he may never have children with her!
    Chad has been engage 7 times and only engage to two of the three baby mama! How ignorant is Evelyn…..Two Basketball player didn’t marry her the football player is going to treat her just the same! These women are low class rich and semi-rich idiot! Tami is the only one that is living off of the show’s check!
    Here comes Basketball Wives LA. With more ghetto stupid ignorant minority…..and I must add some of the worse looking females…..ugly ugly ugly……Did I say ugly ugly ugly! These women are not only ghetto stupid but very ugly and out of shape!
    But just like I said this is were reality TV is going and minority are being use to act like the ignorant violent fools FOR RATING!

  61. lillian2000 says:

    That is the most ghetto comment I have ever read.

    There is all this talk about being real, who cares what people say about you!! If you are mature you wouldn’t care what people say about you. You wouldn’t react to it because it’s not relevant.

    Tami isn’t real, that behaviour comes from immaturity and insecurity and any mature woman can see that. That woman has so many psychological issues, I feel sorry for her children. Their mother is a depiction of the worst kind of black woman out there.

    She makes make ashamed for her. Evelyn too, crazy, psycho and a blatant gold digger. Her fiancee is clearly slow.

  62. lillian2000 says:

    Wish I could fan you girl, you get straight to the point.

    Thing is Meeka has a different personality and can’t stand up for herself like Evelyn (who is also crazy). That’s why Tami is bullying her.

  63. Sunshine says:

    My suggestion is that Tammi needs to be edited out. She is violent, unstable, loud and distract from the substance of the show. She is a ghetto type hoodlum. Why is she claiming to be a wife?

    she looked like a drag queen in that long brow wig. Gosh why could not someone on the show talk to her about the way she looked. I guess they were afraid of her.

  64. Sunshine says:

    Yes, I agree she is a hoodlum, she is belongs in some kind of planet of the apes movie. of course she is one of the apes

  65. Lucus says:

    I disagree I think all the women on this show have NO class because if they had an ounce of inteligence or class they would NOT be on this show. You got ONE actual basketball wife and the rest are well bitter. The title of the show itself is a farce that should be accompanied by a disclaimer. This show is the brainchild of Shaunie O’neal’s reality t.v. version of the show “The Game.” Which might I add is just as unrelevant as this show.

  66. Tyrone says:


    I wish there was a show Basketball Player” and the females they pick to be girlfriend or wife! Because Basketball Wives and Basketball Wives LA shows a low class thinking Basketball player! That picks ghetto ignorant stupid classless girlfriends and wives.

    Many of these men when interview have horrible diction and speak like teenagers! To say education is a needed part of being better….Is a understatement when it comes to basketball player…If it was not for the fact of their athletic ability most not all would be unemployable!

    In Basketball Wives LA Tanya Williams is ridicule for being intelligent and speaking well…The ignorant ghetto raise female are unable to understand that many people speak well! Not every minority from wherever believe in calling themselves bitches and from a hood!

    All the cursing and speaking with horrible grammar is disgusting and a sign of being ignorant ghetto and low class! America hates these people especially good law abiding black Americans! Tanya is what I as a black man would want all black women on TV to act like! Kimsha Artest seem to be the Tami like ignorant ghetto female of Basketball Wives LA! Speaking like a stupid ghetto teenager over weight and mad at people that took care not to eat themselves fat!

    Jackie Christie is a low life ignorant OLD female scare the death of losing her husband! To think she gets marry every year is down right STUPID! Her attack on Tanya was unnecessary cursing at her is a sign of a classless person. Jackie also looks to be the older of all the female and very uncomfortable with her looks!

    Jayson Williams’ estranged wife, Tanya, has joined the cast of VH1′s “Basketball Wives: LA” and says she’s so far shot three episodes while navigating divorce proceedings. “I signed on to participate in the show to elevate the negative perception . . . that [it] is purposely filled with flighty, overly emotional and sense lessly dramatic women,” she told us via e-mail. “Yes, my life is chaotic, dramatic and surreal, but I am also a businesswoman.” Former Nets star Williams is behind bars for assault in the death of a limo driver and is up for parole next month when the show premieres.
    But tonight was nothing but ghetto ignorant minority acting like fools! VH1 saw that Tami was the draw in Basketball Wives 1. So now they have all but one ghetto ignorant classless females! First episode physical fighting over nothing! Something Tami does in Basketball Wives 1…
    But as for Tanya Williams her mother lives just down the street from my late grand parents house! Her Mother has the very best house on the street. She also raise her children to be respectable lady….She is not acting she has always spoke with very good diction. What kills my is when black people criticize someone for specking well. That is totally ignorant and ghetto!
    Tanya and her sister went to very good schools and their parent were always about getting good grades! Her brother was in a singing group ” Pieces of a Dream” …! I remember every holiday Tanya mother home was the dress to the T!

    It is a shame that in order for minority to get on TV they have to act life fools and pure animal….Claiming hood and calling themselves bitches! Acting like thugs and ghetto idiot! So far know one knows what a Basketball Wives is suppose to be!

  67. Tyrone says:

    On May 16, 2010, a Detroit police Special Response Team, being filmed by A&E’s First 48 reality show, firebombed the home of seven-year-old Aiyana Stanley-Jones in Detroit, and shot her in the head, killing her. There has been world-wide outrage at this murder, but to date, Wayne County Prosecutor Kym Worthy has brought no charges against Police Officer Joseph Weekley, who fired the fatal shot, or anyone else from the police department and city government (which had contracted with

    The First 48), in this child’s death. This qualifies as a first-degree murder because police had ample opportunity to arrest the person they were seeking, who did not live in Aiyana’s home, previously the same day, but waited until the cameras were rolling. Weekley fired immediately upon entrance into the home in a poor Black east-side neighborhood. Didn’t hear Ron Paul speak out against a innocent black child murder!

    Black American Sean Bell didn’t get a trial he was unarmed and gun down in a hail of 50 bullet. Fire by five American police officers. 41 bullets took out black Amadou Diallo a totally innocent unarmed human being. Gun down by four NYPD police officers. He didn’t see a courtroom the four police officers were judge jury and render their sentence DEATH! 92 year old black Kathyn Johnston totally innocent was gun down in a hail of 39 bullet by 3 Alanta Ga. police officers! Totally innocent the stupid police raided the wrong home. Then they tried to covering it up by places a gun in her hand and drugs in her basement. Didn’t hear Ron Paul speak out against these murders!

    According to top American administration officials, a U.S. air-strike has killed U.S. born Islamic cleric Anwar al-Awlaki in Yemen. Despite previous claims, proven wrong that Awlaki had been killed in 2009, this time officials say the former San Diego and Virginia based cleric has in fact been confirmed killed by U.S. forces.

    Bin Laden is gone and a drone operated by the Central Intelligence Agency killed Al Qaeda’s second-ranking figure in the mountains of Pakistan on Monday, American and Pakistani officials said Saturday, further damaging a terrorism network that appears significantly weakened since the death of Osama bin Laden in May. The 40-year-old al-Awlaki is believed to have inspired and even plotted or helped coordinate some of the recent attacks on the U.S., including the failed Christmas Day 2009 bombing of an airliner heading for Detroit, Michigan, and the also unsuccessful plot to send mail bombs on planes from Yemen to the United States in October.

    An American official said that the drone strike killed Atiyah Abd al-Rahman, a Libyan who in the last year had taken over as Al Qaeda’s top operational planner. Mr. Rahman was in frequent contact with Bin Laden in the months before the terrorist leader was killed on May 2 by a Navy Seals team, intelligence officials have said.
    And this is just al Qaeda; under the Obama administration, the counter-terrorism successes go even further. Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar, the Taliban’s top military commander, was captured. High-profile terrorists have been killed – Hakimullah Mehsud, Baitullah Mehsud, Saleh Ali Saleh Nabhan – while many more have been arrested – Najibullah Zazi, Talib Islam, and Hosam Maher Husein Smadi.
    For eight years former Republican President G.W. Bush did nothing to find and kill Bin Laden or the many evil terrorist that murder Americans! President Obama is a strong and very intelligent President. Obama leadership should never be in question! If only the Republican Party would be behind the President and set aside hatred and the need to regain power. The country can be on the way to greatest! Republican need to need demonizing President Obama’s accomplishment is hurting America!

    Here is a example: White House hopeful Ron Paul and the American Civil Liberties Union each condemned the United States’ killing of Anwar al-Awlaki, an American citizen who has never been charged with any crime. Paul, a staunch Libertarian, said in New Hampshire Friday that it’s “sad” if “the American people accept this blindly and casually,” adding that “nobody knows if he ever killed anybody,” According to the Wall Street Journal. the Texas Republican lawmaker said United States officials “have never been specific about the crime.”
    The ACLU said the killing was a violation of both U.S. and international law.”As we’ve seen today, this is a program under which American citizens far from any battlefield can be executed by their own government without judicial process, and on the basis of standards and evidence that are kept secret not just from the public but from the courts,” said Jameel Jaffer,

    Remember the American murders I mention above? The American Civil Liberties Union” nor “ACLU nor Ron Paul ever condemn the murder of black innocent Americans by American police in America! This terrorist is more respected then the innocent American that were murder. All Black all innocent and all disrespected by the “American Civil Liberties” ACLU” and Ron Paul! Ron Paul is more concern about a terrorist that has plotted to murder American citizen!

  68. Black Beauty says:

    I think Meeka was not received by the group because she’s dark skin. Tami, called her “Black [email protected]@”! Tami tried to dress it up by saying that the phrase “Black [email protected]@” is used in every black household. I say that a bunch of crap. I bet if she and Shaunie or 1 of the other lighther skin cast members would have had an arugment she would not have used that phrase. Even Evelyn referred to Chad as “Black [email protected]@”. I find it very suspect that only the dark skin cast members are being called “Black [email protected]@”! By the way beauty and ugly comes in every race and in every skin tone. I hate that we as African Americans don’t get that at times!

  69. Black Beauty says:

    What does this have to do with BB wives???

  70. Jonie says:


  71. delredd says:

    tami is speaking the truth about the word black ass. i’m lightskin my self my mom at times refer 2 me n that same phase or red ass. see only u darkskin people has a skin color issue not us lightskins at all. tami slapped the shit out of meeka bcuz this bitch kept on talking shit behind her back & not being a woman about it when ask. meeka got what the fuck she deserves, on the 1st eposide where meeka meet up w/royce she goes and tell evilyn that royce was wearing a turtle neck sweater in 95degrees weather just 2 start shit . meeka just kept the talking up behind royce and especiall tami back. at the polo event where she starts shit w/tami meeka was showing off 2 impress evilyn, jen, & shaunie they still never like her stupid ugly ass. meeka u need 2 hide somewhere underground bitch & stay the fuck there. meeka does ur ugly black pig kevin hart fucking face still hurts?hahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!

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