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Megan Fox Photoshopped Botox Pictures?

As previously reported, Megan Fox recently posted a series of photos entitled “Things you Can’t Do with Your Face when You Have Botox”, which displaying a range of facial contortions in an effort to allegedly show what one would not be able to do with the assistance of Botox.

Unfortunately it appears these contortions were more like, “Things you can’t do with your face period”.

One photo in particular, shows Fox pointing to a series of wrinkles in her brow while mildly pouting her lips.   I personally tried accomplishing this in my bathroom and my face resembled that of someone who had just bitten a lemon; and even then I only managed one small wrinkle.

Fox’s face however, was completely wrinkle free from the eyes down and her brow looked as though someone was skipping rocks in pond.

Dr. Andrew Ordon, a plastic surgeon who is co-host of The Doctors, tells Rumorfix;

“In doing plastic surgery for over 30 years, I have never seen a forehead pattern like this.”

He continued by confirming that the line patterns were not consistent with what forehead and brow muscles are capable of doing.

“If she was wrinkling, her brow would be up and she would have wrinkles over the brows. The rest of her face does not have a line on it,” he says.

Megan Fox has yet to comment; perhaps the unexpected media rejection merely leaves her scratching her head. Let’s just hope that doesn’t cause it to wrinkle.

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