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La La Vasquez Prefers Smiths Comparison Over Beckhams

La La Vasquez and her husband New York Knicks baller Carmelo Anthony have returned home. The Brooklyn natives returned to the Big Apple after Carmelo received a blockbuster trade to the New York Knicks. Fitting, as the couple is as ambitious as they are stylish. La La quickly established herself as the “First Lady of the NBA” or at least according to the New York Times. La La and Carmelo spoke with the New York Times about building their brands and couples they look up to. And no, they’re not attempting to become the next “Posh and Becks” Victoria and David Beckham as implied by the NYT writer.

On Whether La La is more like Victoria Beckham and David or Khloe and Lamar:
I love Will Smith and Jada Pinkett! You see the love, and you can see the support, and they partner on things and produce together. But she has a life, and he has a life.

On building their business empire together; Carmelo added:
I saw her wanting to go into movies and producing films and documentaries and reality shows, So I said instead of letting somebody else come on board and produce all this stuff, we have the capabilities and the relationships, we can create our own production company and bring everything through that.

On struggling to shed the Basketball Wife image:
A lot of times with basketball players, their wives, and I’m not criticizing, but their life is just about the man, what time is he getting home, why hasn’t he called me? But I’m so much more than” that. I’m a mom, I’m an actress, I’m a producer. Like, out of all that, I don’t want to just be called a basketball wife. What I see in Will Smith and Jada Pinkett, is having your own, and I tell everyone that.”

On their relationship role models, Carmelo chimed in:
Will and Jada have a tremendous relationships, Jay-Z and Beyonce have a tremendous relationship, Swizz Beatz and Alicia Keys, they’re a couple we see that inspires us. But we want to be ourselves. We want people to say, ‘We want our relationship to be like Melo and LaLa.’

La La’s Full Court Life premieres on VH1 on August 22nd.

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