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The North Paran Book Buzzlist: Teen Books For Summer

Welcome to the North Paran Buzz list!! The North Paran Book Buzzlist is a weekly feature produced by that gives readers an entertaining digest of the most fascinating books that are being talked about by the black community today.

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1. The World Is Mine by Lyah Beth Leflore

Blue Reynolds has it all: money, brains, style, charisma, and the hunger to be more than what his parents have planned for him. He’s a dreamer on a mission to become the world’s next music business mogul. But for now he’ll settle for being the youngest, hottest party promoter around…and the man on the arm of the fly and sassy Jade Taylor. The storyline features six teens living in the diverse landscape of Washington, D.C., on the grind at school, home, and work. The first in a trilogy, in which each book showcases 30 pieces of photo-illustrated art meshed within the frenetic, contemporary storyline, this title is sure to connect with fans of hip-hop and popular culture.

2. Queen of the Yard by Darrien Lee

Seventeen-year-old Brianna Baxter, better known as Patience, is the head of a neighborhood gang called The Warriors. Patience, who has been in the gang since she was 12 years old, feels a strong urge to leave that lifestyle behind in search of a better life. Unfortunately, walking away from the Warriors in one piece has never been done, and she knows that if she tries, her sisters will retaliate with violence. In order for her to leave, they tell her she will have to be involved in one last gang activity. What Patience doesn’t know is that her gang sisters are planning a set-up to implicate her as the culprit–until Denim Mitchell overhears the entire plot in a sandwich shop and decides to help Patience escape the gang and start a better life.

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