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Does Basketball Wives Exploit Athletes And Black Women?

Question: Does “Basketball Wives” exploit athletes and the black women they’re linked to? According to Gilbert Arenas and his attorney, “Basketball Wives” is exploiting “his name and image without his permission.”

Gilbert Arenas is the father to Laura Govan’s four children – the two have had a messy break-up and continue to bicker over their children. Laura Govan wants to share her story on Basketball Wives: LA, Gilbert says not on my name.

According to Court House News, “Basketball Wives” is not protected by the right to free expression, Arenas says: “Defendants are not ‘expressing’ anything other than their attempt to profit from plaintiff’s fame.” So Gilbert is suing Shed Media and Laura Govan for trademark infringement, false advertising, misappropriation of his likeness and publicity rights, and unfair competition.

He makes a fair case, no? Shaunie O’Neal, one of the executive producers of the growing franchise provided some insight on the shows potrayal of black women. Shaunie tells CNN she agrees “that the shows portrayal of black women is beginning to look somewhat negative.” But credits it to “when you put a group of strong, independent and vocal women who are going through or just came out of a bad relationship together, there’s bound to be a little drama.”

Not to worry, Shaunie knows there are other shows that portray a more positive image of black women like “Tiny & Toya” and “Monica: Still Standing.” Shaunie’s is plainly stating there are other shows that portray black women in a more positive light and “Basketball Wives” isn’t one of them….yet.

Shaunie concludes that she’s personally working with Shed Media to “strike a balance and have a positive message despite the drama.”

So there you have it…in the end do you think Basketball Wives exploit the athletes and portray black women in a negative light?

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