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Kelly Rowland Heats Up 'Here I Am' Album Cover

Kelly Rowland keeps things hot with her new cover art for “Here I Am”. Just Sunday evening in Los Angeles Kelly set the BET stage ablaze with her steamy “Motivation” performance with Trey Songz. Riding high on her renewed popularity, Kelly released the cover art for her third studio album.

Kelly recently shared where the album title came from:
“I was talking to my product manager. I said I wanted people to know that this is the record, the sound I’ve been working toward… that here I am. And she said, that’s the title. It just connected with my heart and the music as well. It stands for everything I’ve gone through and thought about for this record as a woman. It’s very strong.”

This album cover is very in your face and speaks to Kelly’s more confident approach to her career. What do you think of Kelly Rowland’s album cover? “Here I Am” hits shelves on July 26th – are you buying?

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