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La La Vasquez Talks Declining Basketball Wives Offer In PYNK

La La Vasquez has too much on her plate to take on the role of just a “Basketball Wife”.     La La covers the premiere issue of PYNK magazine and avoids stepping on any toes when talks about why she declined Shaunie O’Neal’s offer and if she deserves the label of the “First Lady of New York”. La La Vasquez is married to newly minted New York Knicks forward, Carmelo Anthony. Check out excerpts of La La’s interview below;

On the Basketball Wives offer
“I was offered a spot on the show. I turned it down. I have absolutely nothing against basketball wives, the show Basketball Wives, or anything like that. But I pride myself in being more than just a basketball wife. I understand that’s something that I am, but that’s not a title that I want to define me. I’d rather be known as a mom, a businesswoman, a producer, an actress, a TV host. I just felt like that didn’t fit who I was and where my career was trying to go.”

On Being Referred To As The First Lady Of New York
“I kind of laugh when people say it. It’s an honor to be called [The First Lady Of New York.] For people to even put us in the same category as Jay-Z and Beyonce – that’s just an honor in itself, but I don’t deal well with titles. To me, actions speak more than anything. It’s about being in New York now and being active, as New Yorker’s get active in the community. And getting out there and showing people what we are about outside of our businesses, with philanthropy and different things like that. That’s how you prove who you really are. You can be given a label and a title but what does that mean when there is nothing behind it? So for us, it’s about really embracing the city of New York. We kind of rushed and got here quickly, but now that we are settling in we’re starting to get out there and do some charity work and let people really see what we’re about as individuals, and as a couple.”

La La Vasquez is obviously a beautiful woman, but her cover seems terribly over done, no?

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