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La Toya Jackson Ask Who Killed Michael Jackson? in new book, “Starting Over”

La Toya Jackson, Michael Jackson

La Toya Jackson – “Starting Over” is La Toya Jackson’s new book. In it, you can read more about her opinions, thoughts and feelings were about her brother, Michael Jackson’s death. She admits that when she heard the news about the pop idol’s death, the first question that came into her mind was “who killed Michael?”

The book is scheduled to go on sale next week, two years after the pop star’s death of a sedative overdose. Dr. Conrad Murray has pleaded not guilty to involuntary manslaughter, and trial is set for September.

La Toya Jackson says her brother often predicted he would be killed over his estate and music publishing catalog.

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  1. kim says:

    The jackson’s are so unbelievaly stupid. The fools r giving murray everything he needs to get a mistrial. All the evidence is there. Murray is the person with him administering meds and commiting malpractice. How much evidence do the fools need? People who want to LIVE pay doctors $100K/month to keep them alive. If he wanted to administer his own meds, and had his own supply why would he be paying Murray all that money???

  2. Dong says:

    Serious fan from this site, loads of your writes have seriously helped me out. Looking towards up-dates!

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