Meredith Vieira Confirms NBC Today Exit, Ann Curry To Take Over

NBC’s Today co-host Meredith Vieira has officially confirmed she is leaving the Today’s show in June when her contract is up. Ann Curry, as expected, will replace Meredith in June. Meredith said a few words on Today this morning,

She said: ‘This is a difficult day for me. I’m going to try to hold myself together here.

‘I’ve really had a great time, but time is one of those weird things, you can never get enough of it, and it just keeps ticking away, and I know that I want to spend more of mine with my husband Richard, and my kids, Ben, Gabe and Lily.’

Sounds like Ann has been waiting very patiently for her turn and she expressed that patience and excitement with an interesting analogy,

‘I feel like the high school computer nerd who has just been asked to the prom by the quarterback of the football team.’

How do you think “Today” will be different with Meredith Vieira gone and Ann Curry in?


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