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Scarlett Johansson And Sean Penn Spotted Displaying Public Affection

Actress Scarlett Johansson is slowly confirming in her own way that her and actor Sean Penn are an item. For months now Scarlett and Sean have remained mum on their increasingly growing romance. After the couple was spotted in Mexico together, they attended Reese Witherspoon’s wedding and soon after US magazine reported the pair moved in together. Whether any of the rumors are true remains unverified, one thing is sure – Scarlett and Sean are up to something.

Saturday evening(4.30) at the White House Correspondent Dinner Scarlett arrived with her brother Hunter. According to People magazine, Scarlett and Sean were then spotted holding hands outside an after-party of the White House Correspondent Dinner.

As Scarlett Johansson continues to increase the public’s intrigue with her budding romance with Sean Penn, the age old question of age difference still lingers. Scarlett at 26 and Penn at 50, does it really still matter?


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