Trump Surrogate Says All Black Communities Are Dangerous, Panel Descends into Absolute Chaos


On the Aug. 22 edition of CNN’s “Anderson Cooper 360,” former Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski insinuates that Black venues and communities are too dangerous to host Trump rallies.

Anderson Cooper’s panel discusses why Trump refuses to speak to Black people, after multiple attempts to woo Black voters.

The former campaign manger turned political commentator begins the segment by reminding panelists that Trump’s March rally in Chicago was a disaster.

“You know what’s amazing to me is that no one remembers Donald Trump went to go have a rally in Chicago at the university. And remember what happened?” Lewandowski states. “It was so chaotic. And it was so out-of-control that the Secret Service and the Chicago Police Department told him you cannot get in and out of the facility safely … That rally was cancelled.”

Lewandowski’s comment drew the ire of commentators Angela Rye and Tara Setmayer.

Rye says that every Black community is not a monolith. She insists that if Trump tried speaking to Black people, the events like those in Chicago may not happen again.

However, Trump’s former surrogate vehemently proclaims that the Republican presidential nominee is for civil rights.

Furthermore, Lewandowski says that Trump allowed Jewish and Black patrons into his Florida club when other businesses did not.

The panel then erupts into utter chaos.

Setmayer tells the panel that Trump allowed Black people into his club as a publicity stunt and not as an act of kindness.

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