5 Neil deGrasse Tyson Quotes on ‘Cosmos’ That Get The Side-Eye



The Mysteries of Nature Were Decoded Before Modern Astronomy

Tyson attempts to put the age of the universe into perspective by using one Earth calendar year. He draws parallels between the last 40,000 years of human history and the last 60 seconds of the last hour on the last day of the calendar year. He then says, “Moses was born 7 seconds ago.  Buddha, 6 seconds ago. Jesus, 5 seconds ago. Mohammed, 4 seconds ago.  It was not even 2 seconds ago that, for better or worse, the two halves of the earth discovered each other. It was only in the last second we used science to unlock and reveal nature and her laws.”

Their discoveries occurred before the birth of Moses. The Stone Circles found in Nabta Playa serve as physical evidence of a 365- day calendar created by Egyptian astronomers. These early scientists were well-versed in observing stellar events such as the conjunctions, phases and risings of the Sun, Moon and planets.

Using science to understand nature even predates the modern religions that presently object to its findings. Ancient Egyptians incorporated what we now call science into almost every facet of their civilization. For instance, astronomy was instrumental in mapping time to understand cyclical changes in nature and improve agricultural planning. The Stone Circle found in Nabta Playa was originally created to assist farmers by predicting Nile river flooding. Ancient civilizations in China and India used astronomy to predict climate and seasonal changes as well.

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