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Saturday, September 20th, 2014

Invasion, Theft, Rape, Murder: The Aboriginal Holocaust in Tasmania




To many, the mention of Tasmania evokes humorous recollections of the Tasmanian devil–the voracious marsupial popularized in American cartoons.   But, I assure you, there is a much more harsh reality for Tasmania.  Tasmania is an island slightly larger in size than West Virginia, and is located two-hundred miles off Australia’s southeast coast. The aboriginal inhabitants of the island were Black People who probably went there by crossing an ancient land bridge that connected Tasmania to the continent of Australia.

The first people of Tasmania, known as Palawa, were marked by tightly curled hair, with skin complexions ranging from black to reddish-brown.  They had broad noses, wide mouths, and deep-set brown eyes.  They were relatively short in stature with little body fat. They were the indigenous people of Tasmania and their arrival there began at least 35,000 years ago. With the passage of time, the gradual rising of the sea level submerged the Australian-Tasmanian land bridge and the Black aborigines of Tasmania experienced more than 10,000 years of solitude and physical isolation from the rest of the world.

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  2. Great Stuff… Great history piece…

  3. Folami Olujimi says:

    So much has happened to the Original people on the planet Earth. So many bodies have been killed; but no one and I say no one can ever kill their SOULS or SPIRITS.

    Afrikan Consciousness in the entire Afrikan Diaspora including Ancient Afrikan / Kemetic /Egyptian Knowledge of Thyself is the Beginning of Wisdom. Get as much of the 360 degrees of knowledge you can. We must re-learn and re-educate ourselves with what is already within our DNA.

    Such a Mighty People. Afrikan History and your want this information to include Black History. So much to know. What is 2014? " 2 + 1 + 4 = 7 " And, "7" represents the "Age of Knowing" / "Age of Spiritual Enlightenment."

    So much to know, for developing Afrikan Consciousness, please see the two great books both by Anthony T. Browder with great Truths based of Facts for they contain great, references, bibliography, evidence and more to support these Truths:

    "The Browder File: 22 Essays on the African American Experience – Book I

    "Exploding the Myths: Nile Valley Contribution to Civilization – Part I"

  4. Why?Why do these people think they have the right to kill what The Lord has created?they call us savages and make references to black on black crime.


  6. Sundiata Keita says:

    whats with white people mutilating peoples bodies?
    even today, they stole that boys organs, the one who died in the gym. and the other week, i seen a documentary where the white man had teeth of patrice lumumba in his pocket.

  7. Dexstar D New Voice says:

    The kind of wickedness these so call white people (European grems) comment on this earth for the 3000 years they're where, its a shame. Now they wanna be the biggest judge on human rights and they are the ones who comment the most crime againts humanity.

  8. Dexstar D New Voice says:

    Cuz they are savage and thats their nature and believe it or not they are not gonna change what they do is just change their tactic you see what they do start war and telling the world they fighting for freedom or so call terrorist these ppl not gonna change untill the real ppl of the world see them for who they are and pour bleach on them for the germs they are…..

  9. My my my, I have already read this story by brother runoko, but this is the reason why we must unite as one black world. From south America, to the Australian island and everything in between, we have to understand each other and help each other and not hurt each other.

  10. I've known on the tragic fate of the Tasmanians for years, but when I read that Truganini begged the doctor "Don't let them cut me up", I cried a little.

  11. new world order….they are about to do it again to us…google it!

  12. can't blame a race of people trying to become the dominant one
    is the way of the world it's a man's nature to win conquer and fight wars
    the weak and naive will be conquered
    even wrong they were….God will have the last say
    but my people need to wake up…
    maybe one day to awaken..and quit being so naive
    to think that another race of people owe you fairness

  13. Here it is (2014)
    Racist KKKrackers are & still are the bloodiest by far, we have only to look at Travon Martin & I needed mention the attacks of our President!
    Whites have & continue to be the vilest,sleaziest & evilest being ever spawned on the Earth! not all, but a great majority of them!
    This same spirit haunts our country today & survives in the bleakest recesses of the Pukeglickkklans & their Masters, The Koch brothers!
    I hope for unimaginable deaths on them & curse on their offspring,
    till time stands still!

  14. Great article – but Darwinian evolution isn't a fantasy. And savagery isn't restricted just to white people. Black and white thugs in British and American uniforms are killing innocent women and children as we speak – instructed to by a black president of the USA.

  15. Mike Forester says:

    Most white folks like to cover up this tragedy by talking about the Tasmanian tiger, a large, canine like, carnivorous mammal that is now extinct. They know full-well what happened. They would fell guilt. But I know one thing: The white descendants of those who participated in the carnage will receive their comeuppance.

  16. This story which I have read and watched videos of before is absolutely heart breaking! Why is it that Whites can't live amoung let other groups of people without this type of behavior? What is even more ironic is that they what to be the standard of morals, character and how to live your life! They are absolutely corrupt! Anyone who defends this pattern of behavior by these so called "people" are even more deluded than they are!

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