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Sunday, December 21st, 2014

20 Black Inventions Over The Last 100 Years You May Not Know

lewis-lattimoreLewis Latimer (1848 – 1928)

What He Invented: The Carbon Filament For The Light Bulb.

Why It’s Important: Latimer is one of the greatest inventors of all time. Thomas Edison may have invented the electric lightbulb, but Latimer helped make it a common feature in American households. In 1881 he received a patent for inventing a method of producing carbon filaments, which made the bulbs longer-lasting, more efficient and cheaper.

In 1876, he worked with Alexander Graham Bell to draft the drawings required for the patent of Bell’s telephone.




otis-boykinOtis Boykin (1920 -1982)

What He Invented: The Artificial Heart Pacemaker Control Unit.

Why It’s Important: Although there were variations to the pacemaker before Boykin’s invention, the modern-day pacemaker would not exist without his work.

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  1. Sdot Chambers says:


  2. Mbee Jo Maka says:


  3. Maat Racquel says:

    Go Afrikan, Amerikans

  4. Maat Racquel says:

    or Amerikan, Africans

  5. America likes to act like all that happen to black people was slavery and Martin Luther King, some peanut butter invention, a stop light inventions, and that's it, noo…while in the states and out we accomplish a whole lot of things, 100+…we deserve more than a month, a whole year to be exact.

  6. The one that interest me the most is that of Charles Richard Drew, very funny that the whites refused to see beyond their noses then to acknowledge the inventor.

  7. What's comedy is peanut butter wasn't even invented by a black guy. Oh yeuh, we learn about the cotton gin in the part of history that we learn slavery.

  8. Yusuf Salaam says:

    Donate to end poverty and want in the black community.

  9. Preston Muhammad says:

    Pictured no. 2 is not Granville Woods, it's George Washington Carver.

  10. Nakita Smith says:

    Great read!!

  11. Tracy Dornelly says:



  13. everyday is your day!!!

  14. José Justino Bronze says:

    Jason Wiggins
    Whatever. Next you're gonna say we weren't the ones that grew rice and all other exotic fruits and groceries. That those that didn't know them for not living in the climate were the ones that taught us…

    "I'll stick to uncle Ben like peanut butter to my palate"

  15. José Justino Bronze says:

    There is a lot missing.
    Thanks to frame relaying invented by a Nigerian you can connect to the internet/ARPAnet too, and not only US military and universities… just to name one.

  16. Chuck Penn says:

    Yea, right! What happened to all the donations from the Million Man March? Name one thing it was used for that benefitted black folk outside the NOI.

  17. Roger McFeelings says:

    José Justino Bronze That Nigerian inventor sent me an email to invest in his company….I was really stupid and I didn't wire him any money :(((

  18. Theodore Priscilla says:

    Chuck Penn the money has never been touched according to the Minister. Check out his FB page and maybe we can all learn….

  19. Theodore Priscilla says:

    Thats not Carver

  20. Yusuf Salaam says:

    Chuck Penn Minister Farrakhan has a FB and a twitter why don't you ask him or visit a student Minister at a mosque and ask. I don't know what you're talking about so I can't answer. Minister Farrakhan is a very honest man that has done a lot for black people so has the nation of islam if you can't see that by now then that is on you because it is obvious. i know it is easy to give thousands of dollars a year to people that hate us and complain even when they don't want to take our money but when a black man offers a plan to end poverty and want in the black community for only 5cents a day or only $18.20 a year to go toward buying land from where production and jobs spring from I know it is hard for some of us. Some of us like to play the victim. I understand.

  21. See how your mind is so precious and a terrible thing to waste on foolish thoughts, backwards thinking and unproductive recreation…See how most of the important things were invented by us…and without us this country would not be as advanced as it is! See how little caucasoids actually did in the development of this country…But rest assure if you don't acknowledge your greatness they will take all the credit as they do when it comes to our ancient egiptain achievements…

  22. That is absurd. Like Morgan Freeman said. Why should black people be entitled to a month? Hispanics, Asians, Indians don't get a month. To get rid of ignorance we should accept that it's all of our history so for you to say you deserve a year is completely moronic. The more you isolate and separate by color, the longer racism will continue to exist.

  23. José Justino Bronze says:

    Johnny Romero
    You are the joke of the planet since this latest kind of human is present.
    So you really think racism end when you are in bed with George Zimmerman?

  24. Johnny Romero I said a whole year because white people get a whole year and plus to discuss their history, while everyone else (who's not white) get one month and can't even celebrate that in peace without someone saying something about it. And who says, Hispanics, Asians, and Native American, Indians don't have a month? Just because you don't celebrate it doesn't mean they don't have their month. National Hispanic Heritage month is Sep 15 to Oct 15, Asian Pacific Heritage month is in May and Native American month is November, which is a laugh because of the historical fact of how Native American were treated during that time, horribly. Anyway my point is, white people get a year while others only get a month and that's not fair.

  25. Johnny Romero Also if you want diversity or multiculturalism (pluralism) or whatever, then that would be up to the out-group, the majority, not the minority to be inclusive, since they hold the most powers. The only reason blacks and other minorities even have their own special month is because without them they would be pushed out of American history altogether. American history, right now, really only center on what was done to other ethnic group by whites. There is no consideration for who they were before them, what they accomplished or any real clear historically background and really history is exclusive anyway, since it wasn't for all of time that we were interacting with each other and mixing races.

  26. Love Queh They only hold the most powers because we let them. White supremacy is becoming a minority here. Two, that's still no justification because as a minority, hispanics have been slaves too so that argument is out the window, asians have been forced into slavery as well. It's the fact that people don't realize that black history altogether is american history. Why should you history be relegated to a month? as Jose, how you may want to rephrase your paragraph if you want anybody to understand what you are even saying.

  27. Love Queh Sorry for the insult by the way it just frustrates me.

  28. Johnny Romero "They only hold the most powers because we let them. White supremacy is becoming a minority here."
    No arguments here because I hope you're right.
    "Two, that's still no justification because as a minority, hispanics have been slaves too"
    Where was I arguing that other minorities were not slaves? I agree with you, there were many other minorities that were slaves. "Why should. your history be relegated to a month?"
    I think we're on the same point with this one. I don't want our history to relegated to one month, I want a whole year. Black History, Asian History, Native American History is American History and people should start teaching and informing our young as if it is instead of regulating who we are to one month, we all deserves a year. Our history isn't just tied to slavery and all the bad things that happen to us because of white people, we go back further than that and we deserve a whole year like whites.

  29. Love Queh I brought that up because you said, "The only reason blacks and other minorities even have their own special month is because without them they would be pushed out of American history altogether". I don't recall ever having a month dedicated to my race alone and personally I don't want one because thats aside the point. As for the year reference, it implied that you wanted it to be solely african history in which I responded with hostility of course but now I get that we're on the same page. But other than that, happy thanks giving!

  30. It's not about being treated "special" it's about being treated fairly and right and it's not fair for whites to have a whole year, while all other minorities get a month worth of recognition. Then you got to go on atlantablackstar or something to be more informed when they should be teaching you this ish in school. It's sad that I know more about white history than my own.

  31. Johnny Romero Happy Thanksgiving brother <3

  32. preach baby.

  33. Wilson Yee says:

    Zang? That dude is Chinese with a last name like that. Props to all these inventors, 99% of them you never heard of because the media doesn't want this side to shown.

  34. Darnell Rogers Sr says:

    good history

  35. Roderick T Curd says:

    Yeah We should teach it to our kids and they teach it to their kids ?

  36. Are you sure? Where did you get your information from?

  37. Gregg Dixon says:

    Johnny Romero, I just have to say this because this misconception is driving me crazy, THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS THE "HISPANIC" RACE. The term "Hispanic" refers to an ethnicity and many Hispanics are white, black, indigenous, Asian, or most of the time a mixture of various ancestries. In countries such as Argentina and Uruguay for example, most of the Hispanics there are white. On the other hand, in countries such as the Dominican Republic and Cuba, the vast majority are of African descent. Most countries are a motley of different races, ancestries, and ethnic groups.

    The very much unspoken issue within the Hispanic community is the colorism that exist where Hispanics love to shout "We come in all colors" and yet you look at Spanish language media and all you see is one color, "white", unless they are in need of a cook, a drug dealer, a soccer player, a salsa dancer, a prostitute, or a thief. Then, that is when they do not mind showing Afro-Latinos and indigenous people.

    If we do as you stated Johnny, just "stop talking about race", then what we would have here in the USA is what occurs throughout Latin America. The vast majority of the poor in Latin American countries are either of African descent or indigenous and do you know why? You have nearly 600 years of institutionalized oppression and discrimination that was aimed at keeping them impoverished and uneducated as we had here in the USA. Do you know the difference? In the USA, blacks did what you are saying we need to stop doing, we "spoke about race" and we have made drastic improvement in a short period of time considering the centuries of oppression and yet we still have far to go.

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