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Sunday, April 20th, 2014

When Black Men Ruled the World: 8 Things The Moors Brought to Europe

Moors in Spain

When the topic of the Moorish influence in Europe is being discussed, one of the first questions that arises is, what race were they?

As early as the Middle Ages, “Moors were commonly viewed as being mostly black or very swarthy, and hence the word is often used for negro,” according to the Oxford English Dictionary.

Author and historian Chancellor Williams said “the original Moors, like the original Egyptians, were black Africans.”

The 16th century English playwright William Shakespeare used the word Moor as a synonym for African. His contemporary Christopher Marlowe also used African and Moor interchangeably.

Arab writers further buttress the black identity of the Moors.  The powerful Moorish Emperor Yusuf ben-Tachfin is described by an Arab chronicler as “a brown man with wooly hair.”

Black soldiers, specifically identified as Moors, were actively recruited by Rome, and served in Britain, France, Switzerland, Austria, Hungary, Poland, and Romania.  St. Maurice, patron saint of medieval Europe, was only one of many black soldiers and officers under the employ of the Roman Empire.

Although generations of Spanish rulers have tried to expunge this era from the historical record, recent archeology and scholarship now shed fresh light on the Moors who flourished in Al-Andalus for more than 700 years – from 711 AD until 1492.  The Moorish advances in mathematics, astronomy, art, and agriculture helped propel Europe out of the Dark Ages and into the Renaissance.

Source:  Stewartsynopsis.com/moors_in_europe.htm

Moorish Chess - A depiction of Moorish noblemen playing the board game Book of Games, 1283 ADUniversal Education

The Moors brought enormous learning to Spain that over centuries would percolate through the rest of Europe.

The intellectual achievements of the Moors in Spain had a lasting effect; education was universal in Moorish Spain, while in Christian Europe, 99 percent of the population was illiterate, and even kings could neither read nor write. At a time when Europe had only two universities, the Moors had seventeen, located in Almeria, Cordova, Granada, Juen, Malaga, Seville, and Toledo.

In the 10th and 11th centuries, public libraries in Europe were non-existent, while Moorish Spain could boast of more than 70, including one in Cordova that housed hundreds of thousands of manuscripts. Universities in Paris and Oxford were established after visits by scholars to Moorish Spain.

It was this system of education, taken to Europe by the Moors, that seeded the European Renaissance and brought the continent out of the 1,000 years of intellectual and physical gloom of the Middle Ages.

Source: Blackhistorystudies.com/resources/resources/15-facts-on-the-moors-in-spain/


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  1. Samayoch Abiyah says:


  2. Now tell me, what's stopping us now?

  3. Glester Thorpe says:

    It's a long list… How much time you got?

  4. Nice one, its about time the TRUTH was told!!!

  5. Its time to shed the inferiority issue and take our right place in society

  6. so what brought about the retrogression?

  7. But they dont tell you Moors were not only black but also Muslim. Very Factual resarch it if you doubts

  8. Let the world know the truth and stop discrimination among ourselves

  9. Truly, the western world have succeeded in taken black men 1,000years backward and they'll do everything to keep black man in perpectul darkness. The black man on his part has succeeded in accepting failure mentality and the role of second fidel. It take a new thinking cum self-esteem for growth that can free them from this mentality. Oba Adenuga

  10. Mohamed Reshaad Khan says:

    This was when Muslims who happened to be Black ruled the world !!!

  11. It is because we have deeply forgotten who we really are on the face of this planet. The greatest nemesis to black people aside disunity is forgetfulness. Kwame Toure, one of our most proud black scholar and revolutionary said that, "power starts at the level of conception, not at the level of implementation". We need to conscientize ourselves how we begun the journey before we got here in Ghana and other places in Africa. We were all part of one great and mighty empire along the great river Nile. Ask why the Akans, Gas and Ewes have almost the same soul names and pronunciation of their weekly days? The Mossi chief and people pay homage to no other tribes or kingdom in Ghana, but the Asante king and the people. How come? There is no historical difference between the Akande people of the old Ghana empire who migrated from South-western part of the present day Sudan(Nubia), and the present day Akans in Ghana. Dr. J.B Danquah attested that in his history book. Time is fast approaching for our rennaissance, but we only need to be conscious about our selves and to know what time is it.

  12. Agreed!

  13. Not necessarily Muslim when dealing with names and titles/labels we must remember there was a time when there were none. I do not believe they called themselves Muslims….atleast not the original ones…..

  14. Above society ….

  15. Muslims never riled the world and I believe Moslems are before Muslims…..in fact Muslims capitalized the Slave trade….

  16. The split of the Davidic/solomic dynasty the mixing of the royal seed in foreign wombs(long story short)

  17. Lack of leadership

  18. Lack of quality leadership, sacrifice, and redemption….

  19. AJ..that was when Muslims were only Black.

  20. Lack of visionary leadership. No one has outlined a course of action for the Black community over the next 50 + years. One that many of us will not be around to see bear fruit, but will set our communities on the right path.

  21. All the thinkers should add me. I like having strong minds on my friends list

  22. Brother why are u blammening Muslims for slaves trade . are u have studied Islamic pholosphy about human chapter and GOD in the eyes . If u studied accurately Islamic you should be clear than brother are u have studied than in which time and situation was at that time in the world and especially in the Arabic world
    Islam strictly denied the difference between human being according to the teaching of Islam every human black whit Arabic and non Arabic are equal to GOD Almightly and in Islamic society superior is the only who followed the techings of Islam and god to for others human being if u are interested in informanton about that topic I will guide u brother

  23. Hazrat Bilal was black African slave Muslims freed hum and then when he became Muslim then u see his place and seracter in the Muslim history and his near ness to Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him

  24. Islam was the revolution basically against creed class difference races and all social unjustice in society ]
    In the holly Quran GOD almighty says and teachs us through prophet Muhammad that differet colors in races in human being is just for to know each other . we all human beigns are the creater of GOD from Adam and Hawwve Mother

  25. Mandysia Armand Albert why 'above' and not equal amongst all of humanity?
    if you are insisting that one race be above others, then you simply affirm the oppression you are facing.

  26. this is a very blinkered view of history and disregards the role of islam entirely.
    and the moors weren't all black. a quick glance towards north africa and iberia show blacks being in the minority. other indigenous peoples in north africa are largely white (and non-arab).

  27. a black supremacist is as bad as a white supremacist, and both can go to hell.

  28. Mandysia Armand Albert so these black non-muslims just decided to invade spain and build mosques all over the place??

  29. Danyal Abdul Kareem says:

    Moors were not black…they were berbers, berbers or tamazight are white with green or blue eyes.. I find it highly "pro black" to say ancient egyptians were black, moors were black, the first pope was black etc etc, nort africans are not black, there might be some black people resulting from immigration. This sickness is a direct result of post-colonial trauma. They have to blackenizing everything.

  30. Finding Peace says:

    Mandysia Armand Albert That's a lie. The Slave Trade was already existent during Muslim times, and many efforts were made to remove and destroy. Islam eventually abolished slavery. Please stop spouting misinformation.

  31. Finding Peace says:

    Mandysia Armand Albert That's a lie. The Slave Trade was already existent during Muslim times, and many efforts were made to remove and destroy. Islam eventually abolished slavery. Please stop spouting misinformation.

  32. Finding Peace says:

    Black Supremacy ftw lol.

  33. Jamaal Rasheed says:

    People also need to remember that these populations were also Muslim.

  34. Moon Khan That is the biggest load of bullshit ive ever seen written. The Arab Muslims were slave traders. There is tons of evidence

  35. I feel you with the pholosphy but the fact of brotherly love amongst muslims but the facts remain that muslims enslaved africans and did not treat them well at all.

  36. You cannot look at egypt and north africa today and say those were the same inhabitants from a thousand years ago. Many arabs and non africans whose bloodline of course may have been generations removed from africa migrated into egypt and north africa. Another somewhat hidden truth. So when ppl try to tell you the moors weren't really africans give them the side eye. Also don't forget islam isn't that old as far as having the label/name on it.

  37. Yvonne Boggs says:

    Whats funny is they say they black you say they not. No matter what any one says blacks were the first and because we of color are so great they twist it to make it seem like we aren't. After all these years more and more proof that black ppl were great keeps coming out. And yet some want to say it's lies. But yet more proof of black ppl being here centuries ago still keep coming about. Face it, it is what it is.

  38. Shame Taimu says:

    you can like my page .

  39. Mandysia Armand Albert

    Africans were also part of the trade slave, believe it or not. The Moors were Muslims first and foremost and if you read their literature you wouldn't find any talk about their skin color, they would first praise Allah for their achievement and not the skin or the geographic identity they just so happened to be born with.

  40. Mandysia Armand Albert Need proof for this


  42. What is stopping us?

    1) GREED
    2) RELIGION – specifically the PERVERTED-CATHOLIC's religion
    3) Divided by the PERVERTED-CATHOLIC – to snitch
    4) JEALOUSY – Black's do not like INTELLIGENT Black's
    5) MEDIA – believe everything they say or print
    6) Loyalty to the PERVERTED-CATHOLIC
    7) LUST – you want what the PERVERTED-CATHOLIC has
    8) Being apart of the PERVERTED-CATHOLIC "status-quo"
    9) Refuse to become educated
    10) Refusal to teach/educate our children

  43. Moon Khan Brother, if you need some support, in being able to identify, educate and inspire in the english language…lots of mistakes there, brother, than please drop me a line. Lots of different information out there about who exactly enslaved my great-grandmother.

  44. Moon Khan Brother, if you need some support, in being able to identify, educate and inspire in the english language…lots of mistakes there, brother, than please drop me a line. Lots of different information out there about who exactly enslaved my great-grandmother.

  45. More colours out there, other than white and black!

  46. do some studies achi

  47. Glester Thorpe i have time

  48. no she is not

  49. now that was not nice it just takes innerstanding

  50. oh boyyyyyyyyy ?

  51. ?

  52. do more studies

  53. Hunger, lack of education, low self steem, hate, jealousy and finally lack of security…..just to mention few…..

  54. The Moors aloo invented Spainish, Portuguese, French, Italian, German, English, pretty much all of the European languages today. And a Moor saved the Russian language from extinction!!

  55. We (Blacks) rebel against no one but ourselves. We're like the great pitbull, loyal to our masters but will fight to the death with each other.

  56. Ahavah BahtYah What's with the question mark?

  57. Pro-black? It is pro-history and you are a fool to deny it. There is a plethora of evidence on both sides of the spectrum to prove everything said from Ancient Egypt to Moorish conquest. We literally have paintings of the Moors and clear documentation of what they looked like, so how about cutting the bullshit. The Egyptians are described to be dark skinned with wooly hair by both themselves and a many Greek philosophers they allowed to walk amongst their quarters. Are we claiming Persia and Rome here? It seems you are the one spouting Arab-Supremacy when in fact you have nothing to back up your claims. The people who live in these areas today are in no way the ones who used to be, and you should comes to terms with that as soon as possible. Maybe then you will begin to stop looking like such a fool. Pro-black? Smh….

  58. Moon Khan Interesting and provoking thoughts you have here.

  59. Jay Carle says:

    Danyal abdul Kareem, you are a racist with not reason to feel supreme. Only lies. The Moors were from places like Morocco, North Africa. The capial city is call Marrakesh mean (the son's of Kush). Are you claiming that white Turkish/fake Arabs are the sons of Kush? Don't be stupid. The Moors were Diffa Arabs. Diffa Arabs stretch from West Africa all, the way to East Africa. All the way across the Sahara from the Atlantic ocean to the Nubian desert. We are the Mahamid Arabs not you. You are a Turkish/Lawrence of Arabia type of Arab. You Ottomans & Khazars are too much with your impersonating. Stop it! Your only making fools of yourselves.

  60. Ajani Thomas Knowledge!

  61. Jay Carle says:

    Danyal Abdul Kareem it is you people who are trying to make people believe that the whitest people on the planet are from the hottest part of the planet. Your basically trying to convince the world that ice people come from the hottest place on Earth but the darkest people on Earth are not from there. How stupid is that? Toast & toasters or Ice & Ice boxes/freezers. That makes sense. If your not Black its insane to claim to be from the desert/hottest place on Earth. All humans started off as Black & from Africa. Everyone else is from somewhere else that's why they don't have the physical requirements to survives in a desert. Melanoma would kill y'all! The was no such thing as Sun screen so how did pale people survive in the desert? Black people don't get asked that question because it is obvious that we were blessed with all the natural requirement to live in these place we claim to be from. Please explain how Melanoma is the main cause for of skin cancer in the USA where the Sun isn't even that hot but you people claim to be from the desert. Smmfh… The darkest people on Earth are from the hottest places on Earth & the lightest people on Earth are from the coldest places. This is an obvious truth so stop pretending not to realize this…..The first King of the world outside of Africa was a Black man named Nimrod, the son of Kush. The father of the Arabs was a Black man by the name of Ishmael, son of a Black women named Hagar & Ishmael eventually married a Black/African/Egyptian woman. Doesn't that give you an idea of what a TRUE ARAB is? If this Black man Ishmael is the father of Arabs according to Arabs. Doesn't that make real Arabs Black? Who was Umma Aymen? Who was Aymen? Who was Usama ibn Muhammad? What Black man gave refuge to Muhammad & his followers wen his people wanted to kill him? Wasn't that King Negus Menelik? Didn't Allah send Muhammad to Africa for just as Abraham, Joseph, Moses & Jesus were? Why did Gog send them to Europe or your home land? Because Africans are Gods people Africa is the land of the Gods. With that said, respect Africans & stop trying to steal our shine. Get your own history because the true history of hue-mans beings with the en of Hue. Not you.

  62. Jay Carle says:

    Go to hell for being supreme? Sit down clown. If you want to deny or reject the truth, due it. Don't just reject the truth counter it if you can. If you can't its because you cannot deny they truth. The devil in your heart hates the truth. You funny furry lttle men don't enen attempt to challenge the truth, you only reject it & hide on the sidelines. Why not join in with you truth? Because you don'tt have a truth!

  63. Moon Khan, You gotta be kiddin' me?!

  64. i thought we all know in a nut shell how AFRICA is the birthplace of human beings & migration throughout the planet is where we physically adapted our bodies to survive. that is evolution!!! ALLAH IS THE BEST PLANNER

  65. Umar Abdul-alim says:

    What!!!!!! Stop it yes Berbers but they were of Hamitic stock now find out who are the descendent of Ham.

  66. Myk-el Sumaila by calling yourself black, you are a stateless people,,,you are civilly dead…do your research and know thyself…black is a color and not an ethnicity….

  67. Aziza Clunie says:

    not all moors were muslims

  68. Moon Khan It is an historical fact that Muslims were dominated the east African slave trade… that is fact. It is also fact that racism existed among Arab muslims… just look at the hard time that they gave Bilal who was hand picked by the Prophet Muhammad to succeed him. Many Arab Muslims rejected him because he was Ethiopian. Bilal yielded his succession to a popular Muslim general to avoid a civil war between those Muslims who supported him and those who supported the general.

  69. very funny :-)

  70. thanks, Jay Carle.

  71. no one is denying that blacks made up the original inhabitants of africa or that islam as a religion is not that old, what the article is saying is that the moors were exclusively black and that the religion of islam had no part to play in the moors' conquest of spain. if the moors weren't muslim, what where they doing building mosques all over the parts of spain that they occupied? why is it that modern-day names of cities and towns across spain have arabic roots? if you deny the diversity of the moors and the role of religion then you are no better than a white man spreading a euro-centric view of history. it is important that the 'black' movement does not fall into this trap – ask malcolm x.

  72. Ahavah BahtYah she is. how is she not?

  73. Ahavah BahtYah i will

  74. Anthony Howell says:

    History is history. It is good to know your history but don't dwell on it . let us make new and better history.

  75. Papasang Coker says:

    arabs enslaved afrikans about a 1000 years before the european led slave trade . Arabs still enslave afrikans today and are syill every bit as racist towards afrikans as they were long ago. i long for the day the afrikans drive the descendants of arabs who live in north afrika and some parts of east afrika out of our land.

  76. I can agree with you on the etheric or conscious level. However, socially, black which symbolizes the mix up of all colours is the physical identity.

  77. Maybe M. Knuckles says:

    Moors just meas black! Black Africans ruled the world. Remember; this was our given name before racism and hateful Europeans came in And gave us the name Nigger!

  78. Need a revolution.

  79. Zaia Newms says:

    Exactly Colored Guy, if so supreme, what is stopping black men now?

  80. Abdel Hafid Khairoun The article did not claim "Exclusively Black" read it again, it claimed "Mostly Black."

  81. Daren Eckford-El says:

    Aziza Clunie You are correct, some were Jewish, etc. Heck, Hannibal was a Carthganian-Moor!

  82. Daren Eckford-El says:

    Islam and Greetings, actually the Irish are the first 's.

  83. Eminent Black that was the definition provided by the oxford english dictionary, but the article/writer gives the impression that it was exclusively black. for example in the headline the author says "black men ruled". when the author cited chancellor williams who said “the original Moors, like the original Egyptians, were black Africans”, and when the author cited arab writers to "buttress the black identity of the Moors" (contradicting the OED definition) and then saying "Black soldiers, specifically identified as Moors" – all these contribute to the reader's mind that he is equating "moor" solely with "black".

  84. Now that's real talk!

  85. Orange Terrance Turner Cuzz says:

    These accomplishments are documented for other people to learn but we as a whole shall burn all the proof if we continue to go in the opposite direction of progress. since the world became aware of our superiority they have placed in our eyesight guns n drugs violence hate lack of self respect laziness etc once we choose to rid OURSELVES of these crutches we can return to the rulers of the world that's why everybody in America treats us this way we strive to be the worst and hate on any of our own kind for successful lives we as a whole support the Klan we ruled the world for over 1000 yrs let's change now

  86. This is amazing! #BlackHistory is a must!!!! Europe owes everything they know to the very same people they despise??


  87. Africa is mother to all mankind, it's the inception to all things….

  88. The Moors were not black but a mix of Berbers and Arabs, this whole thing is silly.

  89. Asier Linazasoro says:

    There never were people who said "we are Moors", but Europeans who used an insulting and offensive word, "Moor", against Muslims, and depicted them as completely different from themselves and in the most subhuman way their racist minds could imagine. I don't understand why Black americans are so fond of this word that is deemed so politically incorrect in Europe. Furthermore, the real "Moors" were really racist against black africans and they were the first who treated them as slaves-servants-unpaid mercenaries. In mediaeval Moroccan chronicles ("Moorish" chronicles writen by "Moors") it is said that Muhammad al-Nasir (a great "Moor chieftain") was very rich in horses, camels and blacks (the blacks were counted as cattle) and that 30.000 of this blacks fought in the battle of Navas de Tolosa.

  90. Diego Humberto Balbin says:

    so we gonna ignore the fact that the muslims just passed off all these gifts they stole from Asians as their own huh? that these gifts were taken from brutally conquered Pagans dont bother you at all?

  91. Diego Humberto Balbin says:


  92. Diego Humberto Balbin says:

    Ahavah BahtYah innerstand? cmon making up words is no evidence of anything that you claim.

  93. Kaci Hamadi says:

    They manipulate the picture by making it darker, and they rejoice that they have dominated the world. But there there's nothing glorious to dominate other peoples. In addition, they forget to dress in Africa to make it plausible. The cape (burnus ) is typically Amazigh!

  94. The moors were based in what is believed to be places around present day Morocco, but the moor were'nt alone, Ancient Mallians were their very strong ally, it is also believed that Ancient Ethiopians also were their ally. Many Mallians dwelled among them, other smaller kingdoms across west africa also were friends of the moors. There are evidence of moorish products in west africa. However, the moors did'nt rule the world, they only ruled europe, the asians were other very powerful people, in the ancient time the most powerful asian dynasty were the mongolian dynasty and notable japanese dynasty, Genghis Khan and his grandson were very popular Monarchs, Genghis khan's grandson conqured and built benjing…… the moors who were a mixture of blacks and brown people ruled ancient Europe. Other notable people that existed then are the mayians, the incas, etc.

  95. A lot of the Moors were Muslims. However, the Moors were a mixed group of people. There were some Moors who had predominate African blood while others were more mixed or had Arab blood. The Moors also had a ranging skin complexion similar to how Africans and African Americans are today, but they skin complexion was mainly a darker skin. Arabs never used to be as light as they are now. They also had various religions, but Islam was the dominate religion. The Moors were described as having dark skin. Dark skin can easily be placed upon any one who doesn't have white skin! Another things.

    Islam is the oldest religion in the world. The core message in Islam is to follow and worship one God. Adam the first man believed and worshiped one God. This concept can been seen and was taught by all the Biblical prophets. Why would God want the Jews to worship him, to then tell them to worship his son in the New Testament? Islam wasn't always called Islam. Judaism and Christianity both originated in Islam, but these two religions are not correct. Judaism was formed after the Hebrews were allowed to leave, or something like that, when King Cyrus was ruling over them. Judaism is not the religion that Moses was teaching. The Persian Empire was also a predominate Islam one, but again Islam wasn't necessarily the motive to the empire growing. Every single prophet in these two religions were teaching the oneness of God, but the people who listened to them decided to twist those teachings into a different religion. Christianity didn't exist until 300 yrs after Jesus died! Never once did Jesus say to worship him. Prophet Muhammad was the last prophet known to mankind, so how can he have founded Islam? That is a huge misconception about Prophet Muhammad and Islam. Islam was completed during his time as a prophet, but Islam is the oldest religion in the world. Prophet Muhammad like all the other prophets were teaching the oneness of God. Even to the day scientists use the Qur'an for research or look to it for answers. The very term "Allah" can be seen etched in our very skin under a microscope. Islam is the only religion that is scientifically valid and backed.

    Going back to the Moors, their conquest of Spain may not have had any thing to with Islam. However, they definitely built masjids(mosques) there and allowed the Spaniards to continue practicing their own religion. Even to the day Spain hasn't experienced another time period that was as great as the one when the Moors were in Spain. I am proud to have Moorish ancestors and to be a Muslim.

  96. Mandysia Armand Albert Maybe not, but some of the greatest empires and the most civilized were ruled by people who were Muslims. For example, the Moorish Empire, the Persian Empire, and the Ottoman Empire.

  97. Moor doesn't mean "black" as it is used today, nor were they primarily African. The Moors were a mixed race of people and society. The mixture was predominately African and Arab. The Moors were described as having dark skin.

  98. Mandysia Armand Albert Moslems? No, the Muslims were first and will also be first. What is a Moslem supposed to be any way? If you are referring to it as being a "black" person who follow Islam or the Nation of Islam, than you need to go back and educated yourself. The Nation of Islam is a ripe off of Islam. Islam and the Qur'an doesn't teach racism. People teach racism. One of the most respected man in Islam and who was also a MUSLIM, was Bilal. He was a African man who was a slave of a pagan. When Islam was being taught, he accepted Islam because it stated that mankind is not a slave of each other, but of God. The African Americans who follow the Nation of Islam and called themselves "Moslems" are not real Muslims. If they were, they would accept the term Muslims. Islam is not a religion reserved for one race of people. Many people say the Arabs are Muslims and use it to enslave black people which is false. Also, there was no one religion or group of people that ruled the entire world, only portions of it. Some of the greatest civilizations, societies, and empires were ruled by leaders and governed by people who were Muslims. Some of these were the Persians, Ottomans, and the Moors. Slavery was not the fault of Muslims or Islam, but ignorant black people who stood by and watched while their brothers and sisters were captured. Who thought it was a wise business move to sell each other out. Even to the day black people refuse to help each other out.

  99. Abdel Hafid Khairoun That's where we belong, that's where we were and we have not seen this place for such a long time. She said nothing about being superior to anyone. Take a look at society today, wouldn't you want to be above it? I consider myself to be above society because of my standards and beliefs.

  100. Of course not. It just consist North Africa on this site. Should we go to a chinese/Asian page and state the same thing?

  101. Moor means what the Prophet Noble Drew Ali said it means.It!


  103. Naw not really.Just the crack pot comment did.

  104. Testy are'nt we Loi?Smh…

  105. If your country is part of Africa, you can grouped into the modern term "black". However, the term "black" can be placed on any one that is a descendant of Africa, which would be every race. North Africans need to stop trying to dismiss the fact that their country is a part of Africa. The Moors were a mixture of Berber and other types African people. However, the Berbers themselves were a mixture of people. The Moors as a whole was mixed group of people. They were described as having dark skin. Now people throw the term black around. If its referring to any one having darker skin, than the Moors and Berbers fall into that category. What about whitenizing everything? Just because you have pale skin or blue eye doesn't mean you are white. Me being a light skinned African American, can easily look a darker black person and say I am "white" compared to them. Ancient North Africans had darker skin. The way they look today is due to colonization of whites and the further colonization of the Arabs.

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