Friday, July 29th, 2016

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Rev. Jesse Jackson to Mediate Colombia Hostage Release


The Reverend Jesse Jackson said Saturday that he accepted a request from leftist Colombian rebels to mediate the release of an American hostage in Colombia. According to Armed Forces of Columbia, FARC:

“Jackson, on a visit to Havana where FARC rebels are negotiating with Colombian government representatives, said he would mediate in a bid to help Kevin Scott Sutay, his family and our nation.

“Jackson, who will be in Cuba until Monday, said he accepted the challenge and would head to Colombia next week.

“The Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia captured Sutay, a former U.S. Marine, in June.”

Colombian president rejects Jackson’s FARC mediation

According to the BBC, Colombia’s President Juan Manuel Santos has rejected Rev. Jesse Jackson’s mediation over a FARC hostage release.

Mr Santos said only the Red Cross would be allowed to be involved, because he did not want “a media spectacle”.

Earlier this month, during a visit to Colombia, Jackson called on Colombia’s largest rebel group to release Mr. Sutay.

The left-wing rebels responded by releasing a statement on Saturday inviting the civil rights leader to participate in the negotiations over the ex-soldiers’ release.

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