Friday, July 1st, 2016

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8 Global Problems The Richest Black People Could Easily Solve

After featuring 16 black celebrities whose collective net worth is $10 billion, we thought it would be helpful to highlight several global problems that the money of the richest black people in the world could solve.

To make our experiment more exciting, to the initial $10 billion we added the net worth of Aliko Dangote, Mohammed Al-Amoudi, Mike Adenuga, Patrice Motsepe, Isabel dos Santos, Mo Ibrahim and Michael Lee-Chin – all black billionaires and citizens of countries ranging from Nigeria to Jamaica, according to Forbes 2013 list.

These 23 super-rich black men and women together have a grand total net worth of $50.1 billion.

Below are eight major problems that their money could solve.


Provide Black College Students in the United States With Full Scholarships

The cost of tuition for every African-American college student would be approximately $19 billion . That means the 23 wealthy black people could provide full scholarships for every black student two times over.


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  1. Save it. If the richest black people in the world threw every dollar they had at the conditions on the ground they could not solve it because…..NO MATTER WHERE YOU GO, THERE YOU ARE.

    For the sake of this discussion we are standing shoulder to shoulder next to each other in Africa as you tell me how we need to do something to change our dire living conditions.

    I turn to you when you are finished talking and say to you,"what we need my brother is for one of us to go to America. We will then have a connection to the Europeans resources we so desperately need here in Africa." We both agree that such an idea makes good, sound, reasonable and logical sense. For the sake of this discussion we now have a plan.

    Our plan is based on sound judgment, critical thinking and competent logic so why is the plan not working?

    Our plan is not working because if I didn't do anything while in Africa to aid and abet my living conditions then despite the best made plans of mice and men once I get to America I'm still not going to do anything to aid or abet my living conditions because no matter where I go there I am.

    In real-time
    Africans are living in the middle of nothing and African Americans are in America living and surrounded by wealth, resources and opportunity but in the year 2013 we are both equally as poor, persecuted, despised and globally neglected and rejected.

    African Americans may be living and surrounded by wealth, resources and opportunity but the Europeans are not giving it away. The Europeans don't share and share alike. African Americans while living in the midst of wealth, resources and opportunity must fight, march, cry, whine, beg and scrap for everything we get.

    None-the-less we African Americans have kept up our end of the plan, the best we know how and the best we can. African Americans purchase, consume and sell African products, art, clothing, and jewelry. We practice and educate our children to respect African culture, history and music.

    If the richest black people in the world threw every dollar they had at the conditions on the ground their money will have no impact on the World Bank or International Monetary Funds that has a strangle hold on economic Africa.

    The richest black people in the world can't halt the shipping industry from depleting the oceans of Africa's fishing industry,

    The richest black people in the world can't prevent the powers that be from selling African back its' own drinking water.

    The richest black people in the world cant halt the migration of China into Africa.

    The richest black people in the world are powerless against the Africa that is ruled by Arabs that has unleashed death in the Sudan.

    The richest black people in the world can't bring Spain to justice for unleashing firing squads that murdered thousands of escaping African refugees.

    The richest black people in the world are unequipped to deal with or intervene in tribal clashes and spiritual African warfare but… we care about it.

    From the African immigrants perspective it may appear that Africa has been abandoned by the The richest black people in the world but our living conditions in America are no better than the living conditions in Africa because unless we take personal responsibility for our lives our living conditions whether domestic, international or global will only worsen.

    If you don't have the courage it takes to change your inner being then even in the richest land on Planet Earth we are all poor.

    It is not necessary for Africans to look across the waters and point fingers. It is not required that The richest black people in the world finance Africa because until we take personal responsibility for our lives…… no matter where go….. there "you" are.

    Sincerely,Enoch Mubarak
    President/CEO Mubarak Inter-prizes

  2. Margie Meeks says:

    You speak of education what about those who are dying from starvation, you can't get a college degree if you die from starving before you are old enough for college? We can all help those who are starving rich or not. The rich would be helpful in seeing that those who are hungry get the food because they have the finances to go there.

  3. Cheryl Aaron Corbin says:

    SO, let me make sure I am understanding this correctly. You go to work every day, work hard for every penny you have earned, perfected your craft and now that you have obtained success, I have the right to ask you to pay for some bills in a country you are not even welcomed in? A continent that is manned, governed and ruined by greed? If you truly think this is a good idea, my power bill is due and will be over to collect a check from you to pay it. After that, my son's tuition is due, so I expect you to at least pay for a couple of his books.

  4. All Americans, rich, poor or inbetween could do a lot to help third world nations simply by drastically reducing our consumption. Third world nations are not poor because they have no resources. They are poor because U.S. and other Western nations have LOOTED their resources for our benefit. Also, we can stop supporting global corporations and banks that exploit the cheap labor in these countries for their own profit. Why ask fifty rich people to solve a problem that 350 million people have helped to create?

  5. These rich billionaires who happen to be black will not use their money for any such humane problems, because they are brainwashed to be as their white masters, who have trillions of dollars! It is good that you made this report but it is bad that you wasted your time! This money has corrupted these black people and brought the worst out in them. They will not even give half of their money away due to their dead minded mentality. Some may do some small project for a tax write off or to be seen as good or some sort of thing. But they will not give any real money away to help anyone. We in THE ECONOMIC RIGHTS MOVEMENT are out to change the entire system of monopoly finance capitalism. We promote a collective system!!!

  6. Solomon speaks on it in Eccliastics and it applys today!


  8. Gail Williams says:

    You made me so sad. Praise YAH for your honesty. Do not give up…you are absolutely correct….. you did not add ….we reach out to help from the white gods they imposed through so called Christianity…which keep enslaving us to worship their white gods….. the major problem we have. MAY YAH BLESS YOU AND KEEP YOU Please continue speaking the truth…………… YAH KHAI

  9. EJ you are absolutely correct!!!

  10. Hmmmm….looking at the list of the 'top 16' and this list, I just have to say "Hmmm…" I thought, hell, Oprah could fix the Illinois budget deficit with one check! While I give these top 16 props on their successes and the amassing of 'beaucoup d'argent,' some things I do find interesting. It's interesting that they've managed to hold on to their money when so many others haven't (whatever they did to achieve THAT feat, is a stewardship lesson that should be taught to every youngster, early and often!); many of the altruistic moves some of them have made seem to be verrrrry self-promoting, which sometimes defeats the point of altruism; many of them get all lovey-dovey about the Motherland, and how they felt when they came back, but may or may not leave anything in the 'collection plate;' many deep-pocketed celebs make the rounds of the charity/non-profit/do-gooder events to be seen doing good. My real beef is, and has always been: IF, back in the day, under conditions far worse than we see now, our forebears built their own stuff, established their own businesses, sent their kids to school, presented themselves well, respected themselves and everyone around them, WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED TO THE GENERATIONS THAT CAME AFTER THEM?!?!? We can't even get our own acts together, let alone try to lend assistance to other nations. It's nice that our heart is actually in the right place, but, really, I think the top 16 (and it's not just them, either) have the same problem we have: PRIORITIES. It's nice for Oprah to build the school in South Africa, but, isn't there a school in her home state that could benefit from her largesse? It's nice for Russian and Chinese orphans to be adopted, but aren't there some orphans in Rhode Island or California that could use homes? It's even nice that we want to contribute to St Jude's hospital, but we still have pay our utility bill. Our local, state and national legislators need to pay the bills they've already incurred and balance 'promoting the general welfare' with 'ensuring domestic tranquility.' Nobody's gonna be able to do it all, and some common sense has to be used. It's easy to suggest that Jay-Z could pick up the tab for Hurricane Sandy recovery, but if he becomes part of the hated "1%," then what? Should the ballers from NFL, NBA and MLB pool their resources to do something huge to help public education? Sure, why not? But how many times can you go to the well? My father's always said, 'people without money can always tell people with money what to do with their money.' We're a nation of kibitzers!

  11. Mr Mubarak, 99 years ago, Marcus Mosiah Garvey and others founded the Universal Negro Improvement Association, to encourage togetherness and social, economic and political uplift among Africans on the Continent and beyond; instead most of us seem satisfied to cling to the success of other races and nations. Have you noticed how many of us are engaged in sports and other forms of entertainment, including fornication (promiscuity)? See how many of us buy guns from aliens to destroy our own? ,……

  12. I am convinced that our most serious issue, long-term, is lack of sound family life, especially the "disease" of absentee fatherhood in a great many homes. The family is the foundation of society. That foundation among us is weak; inevitably, our society has been suffering from that ill for centuries.

  13. If the richest black people in the world gave all their money to poor black people the black problem still would not be solved.

  14. Why must wealthy, well to do black people be the ones solve everybody's problem? Like their responsible for everybody. That's bullshit. Aint nobody asking Bill gates to feed all the hungry people in the world. Ain't nobody asking Donald Trump, Warren Buffett, Mark Cuban, Martin Sheen, or Bruce Willis to solve all the world's problems. They get to enjoy their money without any harassment or anything. Besides even if these wealthy black billionaires from America, Canada, and elsewhere it would never get to those who need it most. Cause when it comes to money, big money, people get shady. The people in this charity organizations would be pocketing the money for themselves cause they trifling like that. People need to get off it and get a grip. Figure out your own lives and solve your own problems.

  15. Aloha from Maui Hawaii. Can 'us billionaires' of the world, save the world ? Maybe ? ! In 2015 we r wondering if our 'acts of compassion' can really help ? Having compassion is a spiritual state of being, if you give-in… to it ? Lol It will help ! Make it personal mission. BILLIONAIRS SUFFER TOO !

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