8 Global Problems The Richest Black People Could Easily Solve


After featuring 16 black celebrities whose collective net worth is $10 billion, we thought it would be helpful to highlight several global problems that the money of the richest black people in the world could solve.

To make our experiment more exciting, to the initial $10 billion we added the net worth of Aliko Dangote, Mohammed Al-Amoudi, Mike Adenuga, Patrice Motsepe, Isabel dos Santos, Mo Ibrahim and Michael Lee-Chin – all black billionaires and citizens of countries ranging from Nigeria to Jamaica, according to Forbes 2013 list.

These 23 super-rich black men and women together have a grand total net worth of $50.1 billion.

Below are eight major problems that their money could solve.


Provide Black College Students in the United States With Full Scholarships

The cost of tuition for every African-American college student would be approximately $19 billion . That means the 23 wealthy black people could provide full scholarships for every black student two times over.


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