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Saturday, April 25th, 2015

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20 Black Child Prodigies Mainstream Media Doesn’t Talk About


Andrew Koonce

Andrew Koonce, 15,  is a talented African-American violinist from Atlanta. His list of awards and titles are impressive. As an eighth grader, he ranked first place at the Heritage Music Festival in Florida, winning the Maestro Award for best solo.

source: encoremusiclessons.com


Rochelle Ballantyne

At 17, Rochelle Ballantyne is one of the top chess players in the world. This Brooklyn, N.Y., native  is a high school senior now, but her name is still at the top of Intermediate School 318’s list of best players. She is on the verge of becoming the first black American female to earn the title of chess master.

source: huffingtonpost

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  1. Why do we need mainstream media when we have Atlanta Black Star! 20 great stories thanks.

  2. Shawn Moseley says:

    Yes, yes, yes!!!

  3. Wow these are the positive images that all children need to see to inspire them

  4. Great stuff, keep banging!

  5. These children are amazing!!!!! Thanks for posting this article.

  6. This greatness is locked in the overwhelming majority of us. Those that know this have a responsibility to guide others until what we see around us are no longer prodigies, but the reflection of the beauty God intended.

  7. Khau Waidaingi Maabad says:



  9. Our future is looking bright, I'm so ecstatic, can't wait to share this article with my kid.

  10. Surly this is a somewhat rhetorical question and Atlanta Black Star has done a great expose. Until the institution of Race is eliminated everyone who advocates social justice must propagate propagate invigorating accomplishments. My pointer to this story came from a family member on FB, thus indirectly from the Atlanta Black Star.

  11. Oh this is just wonderful. The toddler who potty trained himself after reading books on it…

  12. These are the stories that need to propagate across all media. What true inspirations these children are. When I read this, I know that America's future and potential are limitless.

  13. I know! That happens all too frequently in journalism nowadays.

  14. This is Beautiful and I'm happy to share it!

  15. John Guerrera says:

    You'll never see this on MSNBC.


  17. King Joseph Penson II says:

    The result of of taking your kid's education into your own hands. This is magnificent.

  18. I gotta re-evaluate my life lol. I don't even know if that's suppose to have a hyphen or not smh

  19. Not even on Politics Nation or Melissa Harris Perry show?

  20. No Weapons Formed Against Them Shall Prosper, Seen nor Unseen, Physical nor Spiritual

  21. Black Genius Kids

  22. True, Troy, but it;s important those not reading a Black based paper also knwo what we are capable, know that we are ALL capable, more capable than they want to give us credit for.

  23. So glad to see that their parents are cultivating their gifts.

  24. Great job Atlanta Black Star!

  25. I was (am) proud to share this with my 12 year old twins and on my blog.

  26. This is awesome glad to see something positive about Black kids.

  27. Topazshell Norman says:

    Sad. My oldest son loves Classical music.

  28. Jeffrey Walker says:

    Great job….nice to see the future is in good hands.

  29. Adefunmilayo Modupe says:

    Fabulous reporting. Usually I share only with my friends( but for tremendous news like this I go global :-D)!!

  30. Time to spread the word! Our children are not thugs or *itches. They are highly intelligent, strong and forward thinking. The more we put that image out the more they will be accepted as such.

  31. Christina Morillo Q says:

    This is awesome! Thanks for sharing

  32. Troy Johnson I totally agree. Change starts from the inside out. We can't wait for the institution that is oppressing us to all of a sudden highlight our greatness that is for us to do. We should rejoice in stories like these and keep putting them out for OUR people to see. Share them with our children so they will have REAL role models and not the junk that mainstream media attempts to portray. Cooperative economics and knowledge of self.

  33. This is inspirational..!

  34. Carla Knight says:

    This is true, however it is not the majority of us that has greatness that is keeping us from shining, it is mainstream media, TV & movies that only wish to show the negative behavior that all ethnicities have, yet is is only ours that is repeatedly brought to the forefront. So we have to stop feeding into those things and refuse to keep watching them.

  35. I live in Dallas and since TCU is in the metroplex, I actually saw a story about Carson Huey-You on our local ABC news! Great kid – his Mom goes to class with him since he's too young to drive! What a great family!! I love hearing stories about young people following their dreams!! Loved reading about each one of these amazing kids!

  36. I started reading at 1.5 years old and won a reading contest when I was 5 (500 books over the summer)…..Does that count? lol

  37. These kinds of articles and the ideas that underpin them are counterproductive because they imply that achievement in the Black community is rare and should be exalted and praised those "rare" times that it is discovered. Granted, graduating college at 10 years old IS remarkable by any measuring stick, but we, as a community and nation, should be portraying Black success as the norm rather than ingraining children of color with these defeatist,never-ending narratives of "firsts" and outliers. #YoungGiftedAndBlack #BlackIvyLeaguer

  38. In fact, articles and conversations like this caricature Black success. Make it normal and cool to do well in school (hey that rhymed) and to be successful rather than something that should be put on a pedestal and admired, and more kids might actually do it. Not to sound like an academic, but when you fetishize success like this, it just makes the cultural rift between those kids who are on track to "achieve" and those who aren't even wider. And what's more is that this idea of exceptionalism is bad for both types of students. The kids who aren't model students (which is, according to stats, a vast majority) glean and internalize the idea that if they're not doing well now, they'll never do well because you inadvertently TELL them (without meaning to) – that they have to be of a certain "type", cut from a certain cloth, be of a certain caliber, to succeed. And those students who are doing well, whom you praise and shower with awards and plaques, thinking that you're shining a light on them to set an example for "the others", come to think of themselves as demigods and better than the people who are made to do poorly. And so the cycle continues.

    Chris Rock said it best in one of his stand ups: "See, the black man gotta fly to get to somethin’ the white man can walk to." That's basically what we're telling our kids. Girls turning pro golfers before they're 15? Boys graduating college at the age of 10? Come'on man…Give me an article about an ordinary bruh from around the away who goes to college and gets an MBA. That's a better model for kids to follow than a "prodigy" who goes out and gets three PhDs before they're licensed to drive. Granted, it's important to highlight success stories in order to inspire students to reach their potential but when these hyperbolic stories are told and re-told ad nauseam, you're doing a disservice to the same kids you're trying to inspire.

    And this is coming from a high-achieving Black Ivy Leaguer who went to public schools all his life (and saw the in-and-outs and pitfalls of public education)) and who has a father who has worked as a public school teacher for nearly two decades and counting. #JustAThought #CoolListTho #PowerToThePeople

  39. What a great way to start my morning reading the gifts the God gave these more than extraordinary young adults! I will definitely share this with my children

  40. What a great way to start my morning reading the gifts the God gave these more than extraordinary young adults! I will definitely share this with my children

  41. It's amazing how explicit videos of these unraised children gets aired all throughout the day but these Gifted young adults cnt get 1,000 plus "LIKES" society is so backwards… It starts at "Home" with good ole fashion Parenting than thru Teachers than thru Professors etc It's no I in TEAM! Ijs

  42. When will so-called Black people get it, that America has never been interested in your accomplishments, achievements, births, deaths (which they hope for), hopes, or dreams. This is not now, nor has it ever been your country, according to the elite. You have always been persona non grata on this soil, since the shackles were removed from around your necks, and the best thing you could have done for yourselves was to go back to the lands of your origins.

  43. heh it's about the prodigies not by them

  44. heh it's about the prodigies not by them

  45. Do they talk about asian american prodigies? Or Native American … I dont think blacks are lesser and need a boost others dont get …why do you

  46. Do they talk about asian american prodigies? Or Native American … I dont think blacks are lesser and need a boost others dont get …why do you

  47. I am glad that you don't think blacks are lesser, now I can sleep better tonight. This is a forum for news that is relative to the black community, I am sure in a news forum for Native Americans or Asians there will be a story just like this. Whats wrong with any culture highlighting the success of their youth? Don't be a negative Nancy and rain on the parage of a positive news story…

  48. parade…lol that's why I'm not on the list

  49. I'm white and I read Atlanta Black Star fairly regularly. What I'm confused about with this article is most of these prodigies wouldn't be spoken about it if they were white or Hispanic either. And people this talented are amazing regardless of their race. These people are just special, not special because they are black.

  50. I'm white and I read Atlanta Black Star fairly regularly. What I'm confused about with this article is most of these prodigies wouldn't be spoken about it if they were white or Hispanic either. And people this talented are amazing regardless of their race. These people are just special, not special because they are black.

  51. Joel Ellis says:

    @ Patriṓtēs Freedman I hear and read stories of other ethnic groups all the time…

  52. Aquil ExportQuality Hall says:

    Patriṓtēs Freedman People like you are only comfortable hearing stories about Minorities perpetrating crimes because it makes you feel better about yourself right?

  53. Love This

  54. Divine Claiborne says:

    Patriṓtēs Freedman your not in a position to know what black youth need and dont need. number one your not black. you dont know what motivates them or what they need to support their ambitions, their goals, their aspirations and dreams, nor are you one to worry about mis representations and underrepresentation of ones people in the mainstream media. It is the duty and function of every group of people to nurture their youth, to encourage them and to give them a sense of cultural knowledge, awareness and heritage, I have lived in many places and I encourage African Americans to travel because then you see that other groups dont have this issue. People like you are bothered when there is a black focus for black people. What Asian Americans and Native Americans do are on them, and believe me they are certainly doing that. Therefore African Americans need not feel any less or shameful for gracefully and constructively encouraging, supporting the development of our youth, their heritage, and their genius in anyways we se fit. Your opinion is your opinion but at the end of the day it doesnt matter.

  55. Patriṓtēs Freedman because social media and web, in general are inundated with black youths with their pants falling off, knockout game idiots, twerking, out of wedlock births, crime…you know all the things the mainstream media (and white libs) are comfortable with! Do you understand, now? Because this is a no brainer!

  56. Lorrie Magee-Schnittker says:

    Good article. I tell my kids "There will be things you like doing that will probably also come easily to you. No matter what happens or what others tell you, keep doing those things.

  57. Shehannie Wong says:

    These are some exceptional human beings!

  58. Shehannie Wong says:

    These are some exceptional human beings!

  59. Wait, black people can read?

  60. Yes, it does. Good for you.

  61. Top 20 child prodigies that the national media doesn't acknowledge smh

  62. African American Inventor of Kings Battlefield Chess, seeks Chess Players and Chess Champions such as "Rochelle Ballantyne" and "Diamond Shakoor" , for Market Testing , more info contact : KarL Erikson , P.O. Box 4498, Phila., Pa., 19140 { Kings Battlefield is a Registered Trademark, Rule Book is Registered Copyright and Game Board / Design Patent 0552,689 }

  63. Donate Beatrix Philbert-Nieveld says:

    We are very proud of all of them

  64. Roquefort Merlot says:

    Keep up the good work and know the UK needs this too!

  65. I know most of you will take this the wrong way, but…
    The reason the mainstream media doesn't promote successful Black people is because they don't fit the profile the media makes Black people out to be.

  66. Shalom, this is absolutely beautiful. Brilliant minds in our communities, and even if they don't get proper media recognition God gives them all the recognition they need along with blessings and prosperity.

  67. Posting and parading destroys the true Divinity which makes genius. See how many great people are destroyed by the stage. Let them be. Greatness doesn't flaunt itself.

  68. Benjamin Wigley says:

    Troy Johnson , some of us DO. Most Caucasian Americans see the poor stereotype being perpetuated on mainstream media PUSHED by a few attention hounds that ruin it for any one else… until THEY are silenced, no one will give a damn.

  69. Benjamin Wigley says:

    Troy Johnson , some of us DO. Most Caucasian Americans see the poor stereotype being perpetuated on mainstream media PUSHED by a few attention hounds that ruin it for any one else… until THEY are silenced, no one will give a damn.

  70. Michael James Of course you are right, but the reality is that most most non-Blacks (and too many Blacks) have very little interest in learning more about Black success stories — it that were the case Black success would be covered more in the mainstream media.

  71. Buddha IbnAllah It was a rhetorical statement. I agree with your statement and am really glad to see you contributing comments here in addition to (or hopefully rather than Facebook).

  72. we can also look at positive images here too http://www.youtube.com/BlackHistoryChannel1 and the googleplus to it

  73. we can also look at positive images here too http://www.youtube.com/BlackHistoryChannel1 and the googleplus to it

  74. Carla Knight however the new black history channel on youtube has our history on it http://www.youtube.com/BlackHistoryChannel1

  75. Walter Oliver Neal says:

    Know that everything the mainstream media conveys about black and brown people is geared towards our destruction. This article sets the record straight!

  76. Anonymous says:

    Just informed of a new child prodigy, name Kwazi Enin, sounds familiar to anyone? Well it's reported this high-school senior from New York was granted admission acceptance to seven Ivy league colleges in the nation. Bravo! Eh?

  77. Patrick Tyrone Hightower says:

    Patriṓtēs Freedman obviously the rest of the country DOES think less of blacks judging by the comments i and many others continue to find on just about every blog concerning black culture!

  78. Patrick Tyrone Hightower says:

    Anna Jackson The rest of america is just HELL bend on making sure black people in this country as with other places on the globe are underrepresented, undermarketed and unaccounted for…therefore ANY acheivements we do gain will go unoticed!

  79. Patrick Tyrone Hightower says:

    Aquil ExportQuality Hall already knowing!

  80. Patrick Tyrone Hightower says:

    You just proved our point about how white people view blacks!!!! It was NEVER different and NEVER will be!

  81. tell me more

  82. Anunnaki Nichelle Ferguson says:

    Who asked you and why the fuck are you here trolling a black website. Stormfront.org is more conducive your lack of intellect.

  83. Norman Carlos Hoffmann says:

    Well, why the fuck not? I hate this shit. It hurts me man. On the other hand these are the only child prodigies I have ever heard of. So go figure. How come?

  84. Norman Carlos Hoffmann says:

    I don't think they are mainstream. I don't know anybody that listens to "them" anymore. N all they say is geared towards all our destruction.

  85. Norman Carlos Hoffmann says:


  86. Think Africa Is Getting Better? Maybe You Should Listen To This Legendary Child Star.


  87. I love this. Thanks Blackstar.

  88. Bwire Vincent says:

    We need mainstream Black media. This can only happen if we start supporting our own.

  89. Bwire Vincent says:

    “That was the first thing that came to mind, making the police feel safer walking the streets,” – Daquan Chisholm.


  90. Taylor Claypool nice try, but you're wrong. I'd say about a month ago I saw a exclusive (almost a whole new program) dedicated to a child prodigy who played the piano. Guess what color he was? I'll give you a clue, he wasn't black.

  91. Patriotes Freedman the short answer to your question is YES, they do. The ABS obviously knows this as well, which is why this article is in existance.

  92. Patriotes Freedman the short answer to your question is YES, they do. The ABS obviously knows this as well, which is why this article is in existance.

  93. Buddha IbnAllah The the statement was phrased rhetorically, but I meant it literally. The likelihood of eliminating racism in the next 100 years is nill. I would be satisfied with getting more of us spend more time on Black owned websites rather than Facebook–doing that would actually go a long way to eliminating racism but fostering self-reliance

  94. In all fairness I don't know of any white child prodigies in the national media. Children just aren't a priority in America or any country for that matter, I hope that changes some day. Why do you always have to race bait and make it about racism? It's one of the things destroying the majority of African American families. STOP with the hate and don't taint the celebration of these beautiful kids with your hate and ignorance. Congratulations to the children and their parents. Great job parents, wish more African American parents could be supportive and good parents like you but sadly that is not the case as we all know.

  95. They should feel safer. Thanks to these wonderful parents these children don't have to live in the hate, ignorance and crime most African American children have too. ;)

  96. Michael James , more than WHO wants to give you credit for? Since when do we need the approval of white people? They certainly don't need ours. Sad so many are ruining this with racism! Whites have known for some time African American children are capable, it's been proven it's not genetic or related to race in anyway. It's what has become African American culture since the 1960's, if you teach children they are less than chances are they will feel that way. No one but the parents responsible for the success or failure of their children. Sadly too many African American children grow up in ignorance like yours, hate, crime and poverty. Stop it.

  97. Patriṓtēs Freedman Sadly too many in my race are racist! I wish it was different. The story made me smile until I got to the comments. No need to wonder why so many African American children do fail and it has nothing to do with white folks or any other folks for that matter. It's black folks destroying the lives of black children with ignorance, hate and crime. If we had more parents like the parents of these children our children wouldn't be doing worse than every other race in America but unfortunately too many African American parents are too ignorant to see it and the cycle just continues. Education, knowledge is our only way up and out of poverty, our culture of hate and denial is only holding beautiful black children back.

  98. What racist crap! lol What world are you living in? They don't report the truth about black and brown people in mainstream media, it's always been considered politically incorrect. However it should be reported, then maybe more would acknowledge it and change it. Nobody is responsible for the destruction of African American children and their futures but their parents. Stop with the hate and lies, take responsibility!

  99. All you have to do is read some of the comments to understand why so many African American children fail, seems the majority of black folks picked up the hate we finally got the white folks to lay down.

  100. Wow, I hope someone else wrote about this so I can now delete it from my page and re post it written by someone else. I've had the time to look at some of the other articles on this page, again nothing but racism and race baiting coming from black folks here. Pathetic! This is one of the biggest reasons we have so much failure in the black race. Are you too stupid to see how you destroy the lives of beautiful black children with your hate? Why does it have to be like this on every black page? Are there any black pages that aren't racist, that aren't constant victims, that take responsibility for their own children? Wake up, wise up and stop destroying the lives of African American children, I say African American because saying blacks wouldn't be fair as black that come here from other countries don't suffer the same racism and ignorance. They are not victims that blame their problems on others. They do very well here, even out doing most white folks within one generation. They are't racist and hate filled and they make education a priority, even while living in poverty when they first get here. I wish the majority of my African American people weren't so stupid that they are blind to the damage they do to their very own children. Keep hating the white man, it won't change a damn thing for black children because white people aren't raising African American children to be failures. They don't have anything to do with their up bringing. There's too damn many intelligent successful African Americans in this country to claim racism or discrimination, only shows your ignorance, hate and inability to think critically. Next time a black child dies in the street or goes to prison thank yourself for helping him get there!

  101. It so pisses me off you had to take from the story of these beautiful successful children with your ignorance and racism!

  102. Thankfully I found the same story somewhat written by someone white without the hate and racism and can now delete your story! You need to wake up and wise up and STOP with the hate since the only people it's hurting are black children!

  103. Nyjah Huston, youngest X-games competitor.

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