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Wednesday, May 27th, 2015

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15 Black Celebs Caught Whitening their Skin

tempestt bledsoe bleaching

Actress Tempestt Bledsoe is best known for her childhood role as the dark and lovely Vanessa Huxtable on the long-running NBC sitcom “The Cosby Show.” But when she was spotted on the red carpet looking like Casper the ghost, the Web went into shock and skin bleaching rumors ran amok.

rapper Trina skin bleaching before and after

Rapper Trina’s skin bleaching before and after. The rapper Trina rose to notoriety when she was featured on Trick Daddy’s hit song “Nann Nigga.” But one thing we do know is: when a black woman dons blond hair, green contacts, and bleaches three shades lighter, there is no doubt she has a color complex.

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  1. Gloria Glo Davis says:

    wow…such beautiful people, who unfortunately, didn't feel that way in their brown skin. I love being brown, and I will never alter my complexion.

  2. Tam Baxley says:

    tamar has vitiligo- she admits to getting botox, but not bleaching. she has shown picks on twitter of her fingers on twitter. dont' think she bleaches- and she is the same complexion as her brother…. that's my girl!!! 😉

  3. Gloria Glo Davis says:

    I like Tamar, but I've never seen the pics you speak of. She's very funny and talented.

  4. Tam Baxley says:

    Yeah Glo, even if you are not on twitter you can google her name and skin and the picks will show up. You can also look at her twitter pics online and you can see them. She reportedly has a skin disease.

  5. Gloria Glo Davis says:

    Ok, I had head that but had never seen the pics. About to google now, thanks.

  6. Tam Baxley says:

    Here you go.

  7. Gloria Glo Davis says:

    Yup, that looks like a skin condition. thanks!

  8. Neil Nelson says:

    It's really sad.

  9. "She is at an age where she is who she is, and if she is that much out of touch with the depth of who she is, and has no relationship with her ancestors what can anyone do? Some are so deep into their discomfort they can be manipulated easily into all kinds of foolishness in a business as flighty and unpredictable as show business.

    Raised as a White Black Woman has its challenges. Tempestt apparently (if this is true) is deep in a messy thought process." – Gregory E. Woods, DawnWolf KeeperofStories.

  10. Tam Baxley , I don't get on Twitter, but if this is true, and she has vitiligo I am sorry for her.

  11. Teryl Puzza Williams says:

    The worst part about this is that the lightening made them look even worst than before. They look absolutely hideous…They stupid!

  12. Tamara Hart says:

    You forgot Janet Jackson … but I think Halle is actually darker

  13. Tamara Hart says:

    Trina from boy / world was truly stunning! Wtf did she do?!

  14. Madre Yerba says:

    dido to that!

  15. Madre Yerba says:

    yes.plz share cus sumbodys keeping the market going

  16. The author of this article has to be stupid and have issues. He or she went and found 3 or 4 nobody's and in the cases of Tempess Bledsoe, Dianna Ross, Lark and Iman found pictures were the women had "powdered" faces and/or different lighting. Halle Berry is the skin tone color today as she was 20 years ago. I'm a very dark chocalate man but guess what I'm a little lighter now than I was 20 years ago just like Halle, Tempess, Lark, Iman and Halle. Any black person knows for some reason our skin lightens a little with age. Now Tamar. Michael, Latoya, Trina, Lil Kim, Sosa and the few no names did bleach there skin. The others mentioned in this article either lightened a tad bit with age, had powder on or had different lighting on the before and after photos.

  17. Um…this may be a bit of a shocker – but brown and black people tan too – I am of mixed heritage and I'm white in the winter and black if I get lots of sun !

  18. Ariana DOyen says:

    Have you no shame speaking ill of the dead? Leave Michael Jackson alone!! He was more proud to be of African than a lot of darker skinned people. Having vitiligo "but" using skin bleachers is NOT contradictory. Vitiligo does not lighten the skin gradually and over the whole surface of the skin at one time!! It damages pigment in patches, and it is NOT pretty and if YOU were a multimillionaire in the very shallow very unforgiving entertainment industry you would be desperate not to be regarded as a freak of nature with patches of pink skin over brown. Michael had the means to even out his color, you would have done the same to save your career if you were the King of Pop.

  19. They do not know Michael thats why if you know him he tha King in his domain…*KNOW$ME*

  20. what about the hair the nose and white kids did seem very proud to me

  21. Tavonia Evans says:

    Right a few listed here- is clearly makeup related – not skin bleaching

  22. Reportedly is not fact. In fairness neither is this article. However it would not be un common. And even if having Vitiligo (what does that really mean?) why color towards a lighter complexion why not use make up or creams to maintain the majority of your current complexion?

  23. Paula Hines Lonergan says:

    Oh my

  24. Rosendo Lendo Reyes says:

    I luve dark skin!

  25. Angela Jarvis says:

    oh! the shame! the shame!

  26. Anne Fisher says:

    Nomasonto ‘Mshoza’ Mnisi looked better b/f lightening her skin. She is not as pretty now.

    Yvonne Nelson wasn't that dark, so it's hard to tell.

    Sammy Sosa should have kept his complexion.

    Lil Kim was already a pretty girl, so I don't even get why she went under the knife, or lightening her skin for that matter.

    Halle Berry was already drop dead gorgeous.

    I don't like the "pale" look at all. It's so not cute. I think black is beautiful.

  27. The author of this article should get a life. It's their f#%king skin to do with whatever they please. They are not obligated to represent anyone other than themselves! It would be like trying to embarrass white people for getting sun tans, Hello?

  28. Dannette Sharpley-Truong says:

    pretty damn sad.

  29. Lark Voorhees is not bipolar nor does she bleach. She has lupus. And the bad kind. It effects her mental and physical self. If i hadnt seen someone suffer it for 4 yrs before she died horrifically i wouldnt understand myself. When i saw her interview i knew and understood.

  30. You would have to be a fool to believe that skin of arms etc. is due to make-up. The bledsoe girl is unrecognisable from how she looked on the Cosby show. Lots of Blacks hate their colour. it is a fact. Why try to deny the obvious? And no amount of cussing hides the evidence. The trouble is many are still enslaved….I call it the mulatto syndrome.

  31. You would have to be a fool to believe that skin of arms etc. is due to make-up. The bledsoe girl is unrecognisable from how she looked on the Cosby show. Lots of Blacks hate their colour. it is a fact. Why try to deny the obvious? And no amount of cussing hides the evidence. The trouble is many are still enslaved….I call it the mulatto syndrome.

  32. Ernest J Robinson You sound ignorant!! Have you ever read even a little bit about the skin condition? You think makeup and creme can stop the progression? I'll tell my friend that she has been grossly misinformed and her loss of pigmentation is a matter of choice!! SMDH!! Read a book dude!

  33. True sista

  34. True sista

  35. Ariana DOyen says:

    He started off trying to look like Diana Ross with the nose job, lol. But then he went overboard and his nose started to cave in! His plastic surgeon revealed years layer that MJ deeply regretted that move. Still I believe it was not motivated by lack of Black pride in MJ's case, no opinion on the others, dont speak ill of the dead.

  36. Clovine Clarke says:

    Black today and bleached out the next day…not white, …could never be…

  37. Clovine Clarke says:

    Pat luke what my father used to call it negrophobia….meaning…hatred of one's own blackness…

  38. Javier M. L. Green says:

    Who cares! Half of you have permed hair and red lips ( that you were not born with. Not one of the mentioned ever denounced the black race. Their personal choice to alter their look is their business. The author of this piece should be charged with sub-dividing and promoting bigotry within the black race along with most of you ass clowns on this post. We as a race come in every color, shape and size
    If Diana Ross whitened her skin, that is no where near as damaging to the black community as haters like most of you on here teaching kids that's this post is somehow important to the strength of our community. Is way more damaging!

  39. Nessa Elaine-Kennedy says:

    BOLLLLLL! You know what's funny…You still black to whomever you trying to change your skin for….Better be comfortable in your skin…

  40. Lakita Stevens says:

    I think Tamar just has a bad make up artist. Her make up makes her look draggish sometimes. Maybe a darker shade will help.

  41. David Morley says:

    I know a few white folks who've been artificially darkening. Maybe we'll all meet in the middle some day.

  42. Cyrielle Mabiala says:

    how cares loool.

  43. Cyrielle Mabiala says:

    David Morley i'm totally agree with you loooooooool

  44. Gail G. Williams says:

    Diana Mills The Hair is because of his accident while filming the Pepsi commercial part of his hair and scalp was burnt, and with being called ugly as a child by an adult you would think he'd have some issues with his image.

  45. Gail G. Williams says:

    Diana Mills The Hair is because of his accident while filming the Pepsi commercial part of his hair and scalp was burnt, and with being called ugly as a child by an adult you would think he'd have some issues with his image.

  46. Gail G. Williams says:

    Trina actually looks darker than her previous self and tempest's hand looks lighter than her face.

  47. Jason Motley says:

    I say if this is what they want to do to make themselves feel better about themselves then go for it. Everyone is not comfortable with how they were born. Flat chested woman get implants, non bootie women get butt implants, there is face lifts, botox, etc. For everyone here that is hating get over it. I know you want say well what are they showing the youth but I say look at yourselves and ask what you're showing the kids. Too many of you are wearing weave, straightening your hair, dying your hair, buying push up bras, panties to give you more bootie, padding your chest, wearing contacts, wearing a ton of makeup and then you say that these celebs hat the way they look? It seems to me that you hate the way you look too.

  48. Veronique Matthews says:

    Did the "author" do any research outside of a google image search?

  49. Veronique Matthews says:

    Tempest Bledsoe has Virgilio.

  50. Rihanna? Beyonce? Ciara? etc

  51. Rita Culbreth Haynes says:

    Tamar Braxton bleaches her skin because that ugly ass husband of hers actually prefers blonde haired white women. She does it to hold on to his ugly ass. Can't stand her.com!!!!!

  52. the cream they found in MJ room was not bleaching cream it was his make GET YOU FACT STRAIGHT and his autopsy show clearly he had vitiligo , you CAN Google it. MJ has never ever denounce being black or his race. It's the freakin' MEDIA that always pushes that non-sense not MJ. Michael's ISSUES were never about his race, he had a lot of pride in being A black man.. Now all the other folks who knows they all will claim vitiligo..

  53. Rosalind Brown-Anderson says:

    I say LOVE what God born u with… Whatever skin color you have. (I LOVE MYSLEF AS IS).

  54. Daniel Oropeza Rebon says:


  55. Jacques Guignard says:

    Some of these just look like bad make up or bad lighting.

  56. Natalie Ferguson says:

    Thank you for your sensible opinion. MJ had vitiligo which was PROVED with irrefutable evidence on his autopsy and commented on by many of the doctors who worked on him including his dermatologist. His make up artist said that he initially tried to hide it from her by covering it up with a lot of makeup until it became too much and the decision was made to lighten his skin to even out his complexion. This put him at rick of skin cancer which is why he was always covered under an umbrella in the sun. His nose issue started with a fall that broke his nose during the Off the Wall era which began the fixation with his nose. Add to that the fact that he felt his nose was too big. I agree that it got ridiculous in the end but that is life.

  57. Natalie Ferguson says:

    No Janet was always fair skinned. Look back at her baby pics.

  58. Yvaine Cristal says:

    who gives a damn what ppl do….
    some white ppl tan, and some black ppl lighten their skin….SOOOOOOOOO

  59. Halle berry did not bleach her damn skin. Halle berry is very PRO BLACK. just because her childrens fathers are white dont get it confused

  60. lol

  61. If I knew how to lighten my face I would. not because I want to look white but as I get older my face gets darker and you can clearly see it. I'm now two-toned and it makes me feel bad, I know I should be thankful that it's not something serious health wise but there it is.

  62. I think with bleaching, the effects of lack of melanin are obvious, they turn pig pink. Blacks have a tendency as they get older to …fade, it's happening to my mom also, cold weather suppresses it as well. So Sammy Sosa, Kartel and Mshoza are obvious.

  63. Shannon Mills-Garrison says:

    The pictures of tempest Bledsoe is a child hood picture. Kids stay in the sun playing outside which we tend to not do so much as adults. I'm lighter now than I was as a kid because I never go out side. Our mother put us out of the house EARLY everyday in the summer. Of course we had sun tans.

  64. time will pass and mother nature will do her job. Skin problems, hair loss, cancer, among others will be the torture of these people

  65. Maria Rath says:

    if they want to brightn their skin les zot

  66. How didn't BK make this list

  67. Tiesha Na Lyons says:

    Right. Anybody that watched The Cosby Show should remember that Tempest has Vitiligo. I remember seeing it on her arm. In the case of Trina, she looked darker in the "after" picture than "before". I'm lighter now than I was when I was a child because I use sun block due to being high risk for skin cancer. Black people lose their tan just like white people do. Now these other ones look like they might do some bleaching….

  68. Tiesha Na Lyons says:

    Tempest has vitiligo. If you remember how she looked in her Cosby Show days then you should remember the spots on her arms.

  69. Tiesha Na Lyons says:

    Thank you! Pics of me when I was a kid are 2 shades darker than I am now because I was always outside.

  70. While I will always believe that "'black is beautiful," I have, unfortunately, met too many among us, particularly black men, who believe that "light and bright makes it all right." In college, I had an ebony-skinned boyfriend who reported, with some joy, visiting New Orleans, and "Everybody was light-skinned with 'good' hair." He didn't realize then what he revealed about himself, and he probably doesn't realize it now.

  71. I don't know but looks to me like Trina evened out her skin tone and actually put on make up. Tempest on the other hand want all that dark to begin with and from that photo it looks more like she has too much foundation and powder, especially powder that is too light, more so than skin bleaching

  72. Sven Daniels says:

    Its funny how in every example the "before" pic of the person with darker skin looks better than the lighter skinned version. Also, to those who say its no different than white getting tans – theres a difference, a white person getting a natural healthy tan after a week in Miami looks sexy. Thats not the same as Jersey clowns covering themselves in bronze cream, thats just ridiculous and disgusting.

  73. Rahsaun Collins says:

    Where is Melissa De Sousa from, "The Best Man 1 & 2" ? She's lighten up a lot. She's almost my complexion. Am I the only one or do almost of these people look worse than ever after their "treatments". White ain't right.

  74. Andrea Abrams says:

    I'm not convinced about some of these.

  75. Tauruss Debull says:

    I consider the list very incomplete with the absence of Oprah Winfrey on it…. SHAME to all these people who have succumb to such level of mediocrity.

  76. I consider the list very incomplete with the absence of Oprah Winfrey on it…. SHAME to all these people who have succumb to such level of mediocrity.

  77. Tone Ellis says:

    Look, because you like him does not take away what he did to himself. No one is doctoring any pics of Mike. He was trying to be white. Whether because he wanted to be Diana or what, he died with white skin. He was not who he was. Issues with dad or not, he changed his appearance and that is what the article is about

  78. Kevin Bernard says:


  79. Tone Ellis says:

    I agree wholly here. White people tan why? Because they do not like their pale skin, or want to be darker or black? Some people are confused or in awe of the other races, but you are what you are unless mixed directly, not 1/8 something

  80. Mardi Artist Same here. I have a well balanced coffe n milk skin shade, I am from the caribbean and when i visit the US or else where in the winter i lighten up quite a few shades, so much so that when i go back home i have the nickname of <white woman>No racism or pun intended. They just tease me. This is a standing joke in my family and i expect the name anytime i go to Europe or the US. I guess if they saw me before and after they would say the same for me. I am not saying that people dont bleach, I am just saying dont be quick to jump to conclusions,be sure before you smear peoples reputation.

  81. @ David hilarious!

  82. Tony Triche says:

    Tavonia Evans I agree. The far majority of those photos looked as though they lighting issues, and make up. Only a couple looked like they may be lightening their skin.

  83. Tony Triche says:

    Tavonia Evans I agree. The far majority of those photos looked as though they lighting issues, and make up. Only a couple looked like they may be lightening their skin.

  84. Davetta Johnson-Ajavon says:

    In some cases, skin bleaching is involved, but being a veteran to the entertainment business, often people of color are stuck wearing foundation and make-up much lighter than our skin tone… Bleaching is a growing tread, but finding make-up artists who come equipped with the various colors for us has always been a problem…

  85. Elly Herbine says:

    Where is the pic of Beyoncé and

  86. Elly Herbine says:

    Where is the pic of Rihanna?

  87. So dumb!

  88. Tomorrow I will change my skin color to green ET phone home!!

  89. In the near future they will make all spare parts for people included skin color.
    They don't know what to do with money, My creator made me this way and I will died this way!

  90. I totally agree. Some of these are makeup related. And I suspect that a few others might be related to a summertime TAN. I know that during the summer when I've had lots of wonderful sun, I am a much deeper shade of chocolate than I am in the dead of winter when I've lost my beloved brown tan! :-( And couple that with a pale/ill-matched makeup foundation and there you go….

  91. José Tissene Mvogo says:

    About me, i borned black ill die blue ( more than black). That's it.

  92. Daniella Cardoza says:

    Her mother is white so she's mix. I also see not indication that she bleached her skin. This article is ridiculous–some are true, but some are clearly not. In the summer time I'm darker than I am in the winter time and it depends on the area I live in. This person would probably accuse me of whitening my skin during the winter months. Smh.

  93. be happy in ur skin , # be pround of what god gave u

  94. Rae Ann Joseph says:

    Most of this is hearsay. We as black people seem to create issues so we can have something to talk about. Do you personally know if the skin color change is health or acne related? No but yet you assume they are bleaching and write an article that in no way helps the race to move forward. Get a life!

  95. Wow

  96. This is ridiculous. Some ppl have too much time and money…God made each and everyone of us in his own image and likeness. I think we black ppl are still back on those slave ships. We have evolved but there have not been any alterations in the way we see ourselves. What's wrong with the color of our skin? i don't know about those losers but my black is absolutely stunning and i am proud of it!

  97. Andrea Lichelle Palmer says:

    What?! That's a good way to ruin your skin forever! Stupid.

  98. This is sad no I don't believe this is all accurate but why do our ppl have to use an European scale to measure our beauty smh how can u hate the first and most natural beauty in the world?!?!?

  99. How could they not want to be White.We are taught from the very beginning that we are substandard.Each and every one of us is trying to emulate White People in many ways. When you try to emulate someone who hates you,therein lies the sickness. Question?(Not for the faint hearted) Who has murdered more people on the planet than Christians, well maybe Muslims? You think we should be Christians ,or Muslims . Christians wiped out 50,000,000 natives. !00,000,000s+ Afrakans .You want me to be a Christian? Gucci, Versace,Nike ,Bulls Bears, Hawks, True Religion, Polo,Islam,Christianity,Judaism,Western Education, Addidas,Homosexuality,the Image of your White God,and all the white people in the world (less than 10%) are telling you that you are not good enough. Now iggers telling each other they not good enough. Wake the fck UP!

  100. Sandra Sahara says:

    I speculate one reason why Vanessa Huxstable (Tempest Bledsoe) would whiten her skin is because while watching her on The Cosby show when wearing short sleeves there was a large dark patch of blotted pigmentation there. She probably wanted to even out her skin tone. I guess no one goes darker, huh, LOL

  101. Toni looks like a complete fool in this photo!

  102. Que nojo !

  103. Krishawn Owens says:

    Make up can also be like you can't make your skin brighter we don't know these peoples life they could have skin conditions Come black ppl lets find something else to do

  104. Krishawn Owens says:

    Make up can also be like you can't make your skin brighter we don't know these peoples life they could have skin conditions Come black ppl lets find something else to do

  105. It's called P H O T O S H O P,,,,u dummies

  106. Hazel Whitesides says:

    I'm thinking that they will have to keep this using these lightening creams up because, their skin is going to eventually start going back to its original shade.

  107. Reggie Wooley-maddox says:

    SOLD OUT! but you always can sell a house nigger because they know there place its at the foot of master !

  108. This is so sad!

  109. This is so sad!

  110. With the exception of Lil Kim, I don't see any evidence of any of the American actors lighting their skin, just the wrong shade of concealer, however African are notorious for lightening their skin to look more like Black Americans.

  111. Haha! Trina whitening her skin? She needs to whiten those teeth! Looking like she just ate a bag of Cheetos

  112. isn't sammy sosa Dominican and not black? and doesn't he has a skin condition that made him lose pigmentation from his skin?

  113. Mary Stokes says:

    David Morley Not the same, Esau.

  114. Ever hear of lighting, sickness, makeup or different backgrounds?


  1. […] creams? In the USA alone, the industry pulls in $19.8 billion! Almost all black actors are much lighter than they were 15 years ago. Isn’t that lying? Or in the cases of the infamous […]

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