Tom Joyner, Donna Richardson Secretly Divorced for Months


Tom Joyner Donna Richardson Divorce Tom Joyner and Donna Richardson have allegedly been divorced for over six months but kept the entire split under wraps from the media. Meanwhile, Tom has been dishing about the drama between journalist Mo’Kelly and Tavis Smiley on his radio talk show.

The paparazzi seem to have lost its touch as celebs have been able to easily keep big announcements a complete secret. From Megan Fox’s secret pregnancy to basketball wife Gloria Govan’s secret wedding, the media has been a step behind. Same goes for Tom Joyner’s not so recent divorce.

We’re just now finding out that Tom Joyner and Donna Richardson have called it quits after 12 years of marriage, but the couple divorced back in May of this year.

Somehow they were able to fly under the radar even though it was obvious that there was some sort of trouble in paradise. Throughout the year Tom Joyner made several public appearances, but his lovely wife was no longer at his side like she usually was.

According to the NY Daily News the divorce was “mutual but not exactly amicable” and involved “other parties.”

Tom Joyner Donna Richardson divorce after 12 years of marriage Joyner and his rumored ex-wife have not come out to confirm nor deny the divorce claims.

Meanwhile, it seems like Tom Joyner has been busy dishing out drama on his radio talk show that it’s no wonder he was able to slide under the radar.

Recently, all eyes and ears have been tuned into the building conflict between Mo’Kelly and Tavis Smiley.

Tavis Smiley recently issued a cease and desist letter to the journalist after he discussed the “Poverty Tour,” but Mo’Kelly said he has the right to keep on talking.

During an interview on the Tom Joyner Morning Show he explained his side of the story and revealed that he is actually in the right and Smiley needs to get over it.

Mo’Kelly worked for Tavis for five years (from 2005 to 2010) and during that time signed a non-disclosure agreement that stated he would “not talk about his business or highlight the things that were of privilege or proprietary stature.”

That would include the “Poverty Tour,” only problem is Mo’Kelly hasn’t discussed anything that the public didn’t already know about.

“People need to understand that it’s never personal,” he explained on the Tom Joyner show. “It’s about the premise and the process and the people. This is very principled in nature. If Tavis Smiley wants to for the idea of that we need to eradicate poverty in America, I am all for him and I support him in that regard. But I am not going to support foolishness.”

Tavis Smiley wants Mo'Kelly to keep quiet It seems like Tavis isn’t really concerned about the journalist revealing any information that the public shouldn’t know, but he is simply upset that he is criticizing his work. In this case, he needs to just suck it up and realize that Mo’Kelly has the right to say whatever he wants about the “Poverty Tour.”

Even Mo’Kelly’s lawyers read the letter and simply instructed the journalist to “keep doing what do you!”

This isn’t the first time Tavis has been upset with his former employee. In November, conflict began to brew when Mo’Kelly published a blog post about R. Kelly.

“Originally I had written a blog post and an article for EURweb regarding R. Kelly,” Mo’Kelly explained. “And I thought it was a contradiction how he can have a youth foundation and have all these stances in support of women and also publish the R. Kelly Memoir. He didn’t like that either and he also called Lee Bailey to have my column taken down, and I didn’t even work for the man.”

Mo has shown no signs of caving in to Tavis’s demands and will do exactly as his lawyers instructed.


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