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Saturday, April 18th, 2015

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'Modern Family' Cast Will Demand A Pay Raise For Season 4

Modern Family has just finished production on its third seasons. The ABC contracts are up with the cast and its time for new negotiations for the hit comedy.

According to sources, the cast will collectively ask for a heavy raise in salary for the season four of the TV show. Currently, the cast make $65,000 collectively per episode. Their reps are gearing up to ask for a raise equal to $200,000 for the group as a whole.

Castmembers Julie Bowen, Ty Burrell, Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Eric Stonestreet and Sofia Vergara were paid in the $65,000-an-episode collectively for the 22-episode of the third season, according to sources.

Ed O’Neill, the Married … With Children star who plays in the Modern Family makes $105,000 per episode, plus a more money on the back-end.

“There are always going to be those exceptions, and Modern Family is an exception,” says Gersh senior managing partner Leslie Siebert, who renegotiated deals in the past for Friends and Will & Grace, “If it were me, I would make sure all of the adults stick together and go in for a whopping upfront salary and whopping participation. That backend participation is the clincher because that [means money for] the rest of your life.”

Another source close to the deal added, “It’s going to get ugly.”


  1. 65,000 per episode thats ALL! Wow!!! that show is Not that great!…
    And now they demand 200,000 per epidode… You see!! this is what is wrong
    with America… people getting over paid for work that is Not that difficult
    to do. As if 65,000 dollars per episode is not enough for anyone to honestly be
    happy with….. this does not make sense.. i’m a Dj at a local restaurant in Berwyn
    Illinois, working 3 days a week… studied computer science and ended up Mixing
    music.. Who would have known… making about 200.00 a night … and i bust my
    butt! And never complain… 200,000 per episode is alot of Mula… Sophia Vergara
    is not that good…just saying

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