Thursday, April 2, 2020

Kuwana Haulsey


What Beauty Looks Like: A Black Father Caring For and Nurturing His Child

At Atlanta Black Star, we are spending this entire week celebrating, honoring, exploring and uplifting Black Fatherhood by examining it through the lens of 7 themes: Lead, Build, Provide, Care, Protect, Work and Love....

Why Are There So Few Black Students At The Best Schools?

Just as the Obama administration recently announced that ten states would share in  $4.35 billion in grant money in the president’s Race to the Top education initiative, cash-deprived states across the nation are in...

As America Becomes a Black and Brown Nation, Will We Take Advantage?

Almost a year ago, a shift occurred that redirected the course of our nation. It was a radical change, yet so subtle most people didn’t even realize it had happened until reports began circulating...

With ‘Scandal,’ Shonda Rhimes Is Upending Racist Hollywood Formulas and Changing TV

Acclaimed writer, director and executive producer Shonda Rhimes has hit yet another milestone. Her new show Scandal, starring Kerry Washington, has been picked up for a second season on ABC. The show and its...

Instead of ‘Basketball Wives,’ Let’s Feed Our Community Images of Great Black Women

In the world of reality television, if you can get eyeballs on you—by any means necessary—then you’ve won the game. Case in point: The controversy of the moment surrounds the show “Basketball Wives” and...