Saturday, December 7, 2019

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Funny Man Marlon Wayans Talks A Haunted House

Exclusive Interview: Funny Man Marlon Wayans Talks A Haunted House

For anyone who has seen the trailers for A Haunted House and the fifth installment of the Scary Movie franchise, you may have noticed a few similarities. Since the Scary Movie series was created...
'Robot and Frank' Review [Exclusive]

'Robot and Frank' Movie Review [Exclusive]

If you’re elderly, or may one day become elderly, then 'Robot And Frank' is for You! Set in the near future, a short-term cure for people suffering from dementia has been found in the form...
The Lorax

The Lorax Review: Children Are Smart, And Their Movies Should Be As Well

People too often forget that intelligence cannot be taught. It’s something you are born with. When we attend school, the goal is to become educated, not to become intelligent. There is a distinction. And it...
Wanderlust review

Wanderlust Review: "It Could Make You Queasy"

Movies are a way for us to live out our dreams and fears, and everything in between, without the consequences that would inevitably occur in real life. We can live vicariously through the characters...


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