Monday, May 25, 2020

Bekitembe Eric Taylor


Public vs. Private: Which Industry Is More Invested in Educating African-American Children?

Ever Taylor is not your typical 15-year-old high student. A 2013 graduate of the Ron Clark Academy, she has traveled to Budapest, the United Kingdom, and authored the book, Letters From the Underground—all thanks...

Will Jobs and Redevelopment from the Atlanta Stadium Really Turn the Westside Around?

Driving down Northside Drive these days, everyone can see the bustling progress of the new Atlanta stadium that boasts a retractable roof. While there has been much fanfare about the commercial potential of what...

Building Health on a Budget: How to Eat Well Without Spending Much Money

There are lots of things that people can live without, but food is not one of them. Americans have an absolute love affair with fats, refined sugar and flour and other processed foods that...

Could Driving for Uber, Lyft Lead to Financial Freedom for Some African-Americans?

Working with freedom.  Be your own boss.  Those slogans are the heart for any marketing campaign or pyramid scheme but what about driving? “Clay,” an African-American driver who wished not to be identified by his...

Is it Time for Malcolm X to Have a National Holiday?

History remembers the 1960s as a time of both turbulence and change in Black America, but most of the victories won in the battle for human rights were marred with casualties. Malcolm X would...