6 Little-Known Facts About Yasuke, the All-Powerful Black Samurai of Feudal Japan


His Skin Was So Black, Warlord Oda Nobunaga Thought He Was Covered In Ink
Upon seeing Yasuke, the Lord Nobunaga Chronicle states that Nobunaga demanded that the African man strip to his waist and scrub his skin to prove he wasn’t covered in ink.

He Was Soon Appointed As High-Ranking Samurai
Yasuke soon rose to prominence as a high-ranking samurai after he was appointed to the top position by Nobunaga. “Yasuke, conflicted about the violence of his past when he got to Japan, embraced samurai culture and became a useful warrior for the warlord,” said director Gregory Widen, who’s producing the period action film “Black Samurai” on Yasuke’s life.

“He became a samurai warrior,” Widen said. “They presented him with a blade and he went to work.”

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