6 Successful Farms Promoting the Resurgence of Black Agrarians


The Black Dirt Farm Collective in Preston, Md.:

The Black Dirt Farm Collective is all about paying homage to the Black farmers who came before them. The group, comprised of 10 farming-collective members, prides itself on producing high-quality, nutrient-rich eggs, fruits, vegetables, small grains and proteins. The farm’s land has long been a part of the freedom struggle, as its revered elder, abolitionist Harriet Tubman, once rescued her parents and nine others from the very same place.

“To retain Black, in Black DIRT, is to pay homage to the Black agrarian experience and to the totality of the agrarian struggle in the Americas,” according to the farm’s Facebook page. It works to continue adding to¬†“the contributions that folks of color have made to agriculture and society at large.”

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